Many Israelites told they didn't receive the Ruach in the Christian Church

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  1. truth truth truth I received the Ruach many years ago and I did not know and as the years go by Yah continue to direct my path gone through different stages before I came to knowledge of the truth knowing that I was an Yisrealite, the ruach led me out of the truth..I was told the same it was not the ruach that led me out of the truth. Thank you Brother Yahu and Sister Deborah Yah you have me sitting up in my bed at 4am in the morning HalleluYah HalleluYah HalleluYah, even dreams I have had have been showing me things.  I know Yah have been speaking to me for a long time.  I was told as I came out of the church it was churchy and they not of Yah

  2. yah lets you know that whatever comes to past is truth so those ppl tht dnt believe In new testament will b in trouble because the ends time r happen right before us

  3. Those people in Israel are keeping the law better than us?!!! I have to disagree with that. They don't keep the laws from the Torah. They keep the laws of the Talmud and kabala. That don't have the ruach haqodesh.

  4. i got a questio : if the christian church dont keep the shabbat they r sinning right . and john 8:33 says Yah heareth not sinners . how do u explaine that ?

  5. Acts 2:4 speaks CLEARLY about the RUACH. We MUST tarry for the RUACH Ha KODESH. I was a Christian while I tarried for the RUACH, and I received HER. SHE is known as WISDOM, according to the Book of Proverbs. In the Tanahk, wisdom is known as the RUACH ha KODESH, who is a SHE. Seek HER early, and the RUACH ha KODESH will enable you to have the gift of Holy Tongues. In 2008, I was diagnosed with Rectal Cancer, and I was #HEALED through the power of the RUACH from Cancer. It is the RUACH ha KODESH that leads a person into ALL TRUTH. SHE IS SPIRIT AND TRUTH. I was a Christian, for several years, I was even given the assignment of Watchman in 2010, BEFORE I realized I was an Israelite. I KNEW it was the RUACH that had me come out of the church, in 2013. I was a Messianic at first, but in 2015, the RUACH ha KODESH revealed the truth to me, that I am an Israelite, and a set apart RUACH filled Watchman of YAH. TO YAH BE THE GLORY! Selah.

  6. My question is…if the spirit that they have in the Christian Church is the same as the Ruach Qodesh, than why don't they run and shout and dance and catch the holy ghost in Shabbat services then? Why don't they catch the holy ghost on Holy and Feast days?

  7. HallaluYah for the teaching Elders… I recently tried to reveal to a Israelites Ahch that although there may be many levels of awakening and many different titles that others family members are accustom to using, the object is to bare good fruit, not tear down the tree that is trying to create roots to the stem's from the seed that was planted by the Ruach… Thawadah Family for this edification…👏👏👏

  8. The Ruach actually contacted me one morning. I was heavy into pagan divination at the time. I wasn't aware that what I was doing was breaking the commandments and was punishable by death. That morning the Ruach contacted me and said "Do not get off the bed until you throw everything away.". I had a lot of crystals, books to aid witchcraft, a Buddha statue, etc. I was going to just ignore it and go about my day but, The RUACH pulled be back and repeated itself. I threw everything away like the Ruach told me to. Since then, she has given me knowledge of repentance on a deeper level, since quitting pagan divination, I've been under spiritual attacks by demons because I was quiet good at such evil works, and to stop was upsetting the demons. With the attacks (just like in Genesis between eve and the serpent) demons try to beguile me constantly into believing in pagan beliefs and divination through dream. Unlike eve I never fall for the tricks, I constantly reject such. beliefs in my dreams and in waking hours.

  9. Should I leave my church/ camp? I know I am an Israelite because of The Ruach and ministers like you. I love Yahweh with all my being. I am treated as a lay person at my church. I mostly work with the children but when an opportunity presents itself I tithe knowledge. Especially at our annual "black history pageant" that my family is a part of. As a matter of fact it was my 14 yr old son LaMech that found Sista DebraYah on YouTube a few years ago. Any Israelite that has The Ruach please respond. Thanks

  10. I received it one night I was upset about something I was going though in my life and I was crying then the father YAH said to me you need to know who you are and I started to question my true identity and my purpose in life as well and eventually I found out.

  11. Sister Deborah are you using car max on your lips? If that was car max I urge you to look up that lip gloss because I've heard that it is harmful.

  12. lol demons can't cast out demons family and you never here them talk about fasting and praying and the fruits or gifts of the Spirit ! like I said demons can't cast out demons LMBO shalom family

  13. I have a story to tell YOU! A Friend of MY have a NDE more than 30 years ago and she was taking to Heaven by Jesus at least IS What she say tht he told Her he was Jesus! Now i KNOW tht Jesus is being decieving people HE COUNTERFIT EVERYTHING YAH AND YAHOSHUA DOES! Now she Claim tht GOD's Speak to Her in LOUD out Voice Soni saith Sister ill tell YOU one SECRET The LORD IS revealing HIS secret name so YOU Saith The he Speak to YOU in loud out voice So im gonna advise YOU to ask HIM yo tell YOU HIS truth SACRAD name! I have a reason yo Believe she was being taking to Heaven BY The false Christ IT could be a generation curse upon Her family he Claim Her Grandma practice Witchraft SO Ive hear tht Theres this elevated master tht Claim to be JESUS AKA SANDANA OR JESUS AKA KUMARA … VERY dangerous situation here.. Ive being Studying and Many fellows tht just came out of NEW age deception Claim tht this Jesus is very real and he Counterfit even NDE!!! IM WONDER WHO HE REALLY IS! Keep educating ourselves! And Learn How to Test The Spirit! This Is The Lord GREAT advise in The Scripture! Shalom!

  14. This was my confirmation…I needed to see this. I m brand new to this and recently ask god to show me the truth because i had no religion or faith and i got on youtube just searching for religion or bible so i can start somewhere and he led me to these videos this was a little over a month ago then i started feeling close to Yah…felt him beside me answering me…i asked him to cast out any demons and i had a sleepless nights watching god remove devils that were in my home and inside me that i never believe or wouldve thought was there. On the surface i nevere appeared or considered myself evil but yah showed me the devil that was in my house and removed him. i saw this dark spirit sitting in my room trying to jump indside of me but it couldnt. i felt yah thetr. honestly it was like this demon came out of my body it was so hiddrn in my spirit that i wouldnt have known it was there otherwise and it came out and was sitting there made and i was scared because i couldnt believe this was happening but i was calm and i felt safe and protected. that night a few demons were trying to enter my spiriy but they could not enter at all it was like a shield was over me. i was on shock. ive nevet been an spiritually literate to know what i was experiencing but after that night i felt alive and,i felt free. i saw those dark spirits leave my house and a feeling of protection and righteousness came over me. not arrogrance. i cant really describe it but i felt good knowing and being introduced to yah. once the dark spirit was removed to me i was able to see it on others and this video hit that on the nose for me. i dont judge anyone or condemm anyone but being open and having a new level of conscieness is a blessing only yah could give me. Again this is all new to me i believed it all i felt good i cant describe yhe closeness and feelings of confidence and love that yah restored into me. Than my mother began to question me and what i began to experience and believe and so it made me question too i felt that spirit of questioning is this all real was i led to the truth and i started praying yah show me something and i started watching a youtibe video of someone saying how yah and hebrew isrealites are not true than that night i had a dream of yah being angry with me and showing me is wrath if i believed the wrong thing. He made it clear that he has led me to the truth and i shouldnt question it but i still felt that need to question everything trying to arise and i just kept praying yah help me show me something help me show me something thats all i knew how to pray because im new to all of this and he showed me this video and everything you presented was what i experience i cannot turn my back on what i felt and how close i feel to yah its like he is right here with me. i feel like i can talk to him i feel like he is my shadow. im just learning what ruach is today i never heard this term before but ia feel like this video was talking to me especially at the 29:45 that put a strong feeling of confirmation not to doubt what ive been led to. I cant describe the feeling but it all i know is im thankful for it and the confirmation this video brought. ive learned that though im noy ashamed of yah but in order to protect my relationship with the most high i have to keep this relationship with yah to myself until i have strengthen it enough to were no one elses disbelief will ever effect me again.

  15. Praises to the most HIGH of Israel for you brother and sister and your family! I love this topic also like you sister TMH! Have shown his way to me since a child also about race mixing we don't suppose to do that,

  16. That happen to me while I was praying, I heard David. The Most High led me the same way by dream to the truth that we were the Israelites. My advice keep your treasure to yourself. I wouldnt put any energy into the Hebrew Israelites arguing on this point because they have blinders on concerning this. I have seen the power of the Most High work in my life way before I decide to fully walk in my heritage. The church is not 100% wrong, we have faith but are in some error. It is our faith for without faith it is impossible to please God (Yah).

  17. When I started getting attacked I was without sleep for 5-7 days and out of nowhere I said. I'm Jacob and the spirit told me not to provoke him(talking about the devil) as the devil danced on my tv saying "googly googoo and bells" Well I did and ended up in the hospital 4 days and psych ward for a few hours. I was yelling "YAHUDAH" and didn't even know what I was saying. Halleluyah

  18. I was healed and lead away from being a drug addict, dealer & relationship with a gentile. I walk in the spirit today due to the Ruach all GLORY to YAH.

  19. How do you get The Ruach back, I was teen when first received… Going through life and being in the world I lost it, but now the Father has awakened me about 1year now.. I definitely have a relationship with him and seeking more of him every day, but haven’t received it back yet😪 every time I pray on something Father YAH always guides me… But I waiting, how do I receive it again, or does having it once before is enough??

  20. Watchman report I thank you so much, I have the Ruach the Set Apart Spirit coming out of the Christian church and I thought I have the wrong spirit. When I felt the onionting I tried to quench it for I didn't know whether I should believe anymore. So thank you so much. I also want to know this, I was baptized in the Father son and holy spirit. Do I need to baptized over and if so what the name or names I should baptize with. Shalum.

  21. I have many questions involving the the third eye. No one to talk about it with. Seeing crazy stuff but I feel fine. Please bless me with some understanding.

  22. Hello, is there any way to get in contact with you sister Deborah I have no like minded sisters to talk with or get device from! I have so many questions but no one to ask them too!

  23. Thanks for telling the truth about the Holy Spirit. The Bible says in Mark 16:17-18: 17. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;
    18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. The Book of Acts 2:38 shows what happens when the Holy Spirit was first given to the disciples in the upper room. They ALL spoke in tongues as the Spirit of YAH gave the utterance. Don't let anyone tell you that the Holy Spirit is not real. Shalom!

  24. I received it in 1992 at the Apostolic church of God in Decatur Alabama and I new it was the Holy Ghost Ruach

  25. The spirit revealed to me that Job was my father and Enoch was my grand father. Does this vision mean that I am Israel also?

  26. i was told from an apostel that i don,t havethe holy ghost if i was not baptize in the name of the lord jesus christ i was told what i think i have i don,t


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