Map of south Africa from 1855 finding biblical city

Finding biblical cities in map from 1855 by CJ Colton
All praises due to Yahuah 🙏🏽

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  1. Manipulating the Scriptures!. Eventually This Sect will have to come with their own book to back up their lies like the Mormons did, the Jehovah Witnesses did etc etc.

  2. Grief! Never have I heard such rubbish! Go to Wales: Go to USA: Go to Australia – and you will find towns and villages with Biblical names. Yes! you can find "Jordan River" in Utah, USA. You can find "Bethany" in South Australia, Australia. You can find "Carmel" and many other Biblical places in Wales, UK. These places exist in South Africa because the English and Dutch settled in South Africa and named some of their settlements with Biblical place names. If the English and Dutch/Africaners had never settled in South AfricaSouth Africa there would be NO places with these names.

  3. I love this! Keep the truth flowing. I've known spiritually that this is the case from 1985. I was shocked to come across the same facts when I researched what I was told spiritually. It can never be a coincidence! I keep writing about it on our Facebook page. Strength to you.

  4. Finally our brothers are seeing our true home. SubSahara Home of the Bantu. Not the lavant. Keep dropping this truth my brother. Naphtali is now Natal.

  5. This Map was created by White People who put those names there.
    Jerusalem is a Modern name.
    In Ancient times the letter [J ] was an [ I ] until 500 years ago.
    The City was called Jebus (Iebus) which is Igbos.
    Igbos-Ale-Hym (Praise Ala of the Igbos)


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