March of the microscopic robots

Building robots at the micron scale is tricky, particularly when it comes to designing small-scale ‘actuators’ – the motors that allow robots to move. Conventional actuators don’t work at such a small scale, and new actuators that do work use mechanisms like magnetism and are difficult to integrate with traditional silicon based micro-electronics.

Now a team of researchers have developed a new type of actuator that operates electronically and that can be layered directly onto the circuit that controls it. This opens the doors for the last 50 years of micro-electronics research to be incorporated into robots so small they can’t be seen by the human eye.

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  1. Leave the Body Alone !The Body will not tolerate Unorganic objects,If god did not put it there ,its not ment to be there! They will never Get Rid of cancer ,its a billion dollar industry (Think)

  2. Question. How do you rid yourself of these type of man made nano bots? I heard the part of how they can be injected in but didn't understand what he said when you wanted to take them out

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  4. It’s more likely they use this to kill us and harm reproduction and slowly cause us to die. I wish all technology would be used for good but it isn’t and we already know what causes cancer but it makes too much money treating the sick and they see us as paydays

  5. Li? Ingat gak dulu kita bahas ini?
    Nano mesin ini bahan dasarnya apa?
    Inilah aluminium bening campuran aluminium dgn air dan white powder.
    Inget ga li?
    Ini yg masuk pertama kali di badan kita . Lalu serbuk merkuri disebar lewat udara, lewat hujan juga bantuan gaib.
    Berlanjut ke saluran pernafasan.
    Setelah ini maka aluminium nano mesin yg sudah lama masuk di jalur darah bercampur dgn mercuri ..
    Terjadilah senyawa mutan

  6. They can use it to you someday to control you even as microweapon or blackmailing. This should not be approved in every country. Somebody's life is not free if this happens…

  7. Grant grubbing.

    That’s not a robot. It doesn’t have self contained power, processing, or the ability to be programmed to perform a remote action.

    This stuff has been around for decades. I’m glad it’s still putting food on someone’s table.


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