Marge Simpson's view on 'Chemtrails & Transhumanism' 2015-2020

~subscribe: ~credits video: Marge Simpson *Live From Springfield* sharing her views on chemtrails/geoengineering/transhumanism/­­aerosol spraying
(Voiced By jamnoise72) Justice and Freedom production 2012

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  1. ~according to youtube stats now 30 june 2015 23.21 hr Dutch time only "57 views" … meanwhile I posted this video couple hours ago on several BIG conspiracy research forums like Project Avalon & multiple Facebook Anti-Chemtrails Groups and my FB Group plus my FB Page + mass promotion via multiple big youtube channels I run like nwosatire davidickenews EX0MATRlXTV women4truth etc. (all of them show at least 1000 views together) … so "57 views" = wtf youtube?

  2. why do we need Marge Simpson overdubbed to tell us 1 + 1 ?  It will turn off any Joe Six Pack when he clicks on it and realises it just marge overdubbed , and not on the show. I doubt it will wake anyone up who didn't already know.

  3. Very funny…Maybe my older yuppie/Simpsons watching brother will watch this and learn.This is the most time I,ve spent watching a cartoon since the 60's .But it made me laugh,so thanks for posting it.


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