Mariupol: Is this end of battle? What Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelensky are saying | WION Originals

With Russian forces claiming to have taken control of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol, there are reports of people being trapped in the city. Several Ukrainian defenders are also reportedly trapped inside the Azovstal power plant. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said there are defenders still inside Mariupol. Is this the end of the battle in the besieged city?

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Comment (32)

  1. Joe is in sleep mode..Putin should allow corrider for humantarian…its been more then 2 months war being and why didnt people evacuate or surrender themselves
    . If it is for Ukranine soldiers to evacuate from Mauripol … then why should Putin do that?? Later they are going to go against Russian soldiers

  2. People trapped in city must get safe passage , Miltary to provide peace path to save their lives for all UKRAINE.

  3. The culprit to this war is USA and NATO' s provocation and Zelenzky becoming a tool. sacrificing the lives of his people. This war could have been averted by staying neautral and not undermine the security of Russia, but he chooses to be a puppet and his gullibleness to empty promises of USA politician and NATO brought to this predicament. All rationale are on the side of Russia. Putin has made a right and decissive choise. It will take time but eventually the world will realize that Putin is a good stateman and president to his people. URRA RUSSIYA

  4. Imagine the U.S president is waiting and hoping to see evidence of mariopo fall. Instead of you people to dialogue with putin. You were busy arming the Ukrainians to face such a huge Russia army. And now mariopo is grinded. Not even a fly is remaining

  5. From an African perspective the Western world are always in support of violence from colonialism to hypocrisy even till this day. from the violence in Ethiopia, somalia, Libya, nigeria, congo, etc. That is why this conflict has been sitted out by Africans or the global south against the West. Please what is the difference in Donbass and what happening in Africa or palestine or the invasion of Yugoslavia by Nato..simply none, they keep bullying people and suppressing truth. No worries, I think this time around there is a big bully that fits the West; it is the Russians. The West depict things that suits only their reality. I pray for peace and an end to all wars because their is always no winners in war only losers especially innocent people.

  6. Zelensky .. ur ego , pride , arrogant led to more dead body .. stop ur ego and start thinking about ur citizen .u think only about ur president seat … give up and fight some other time …

  7. Putin is a reasonable, open minded leader trust whatever he says and his actions of the captured soldiers and civilians will human enough

  8. Nothing will end unless God ends this war. So lets all pray to God to have mercy on this world people of Russia and Ukraine.

  9. Told you it was just a matter of time. USA and NATO take your puppet Zelensky and get out. You are killing innocent people by not capitulating. Its not a shame to admit defeat its a strength.Russia could have killed everyone in the plant but they didnt. Tells you who's the real enemy here.

  10. One thing for sure is that the Nuremberg Trials were a complete disaster for eastern Europe. That and the Yalta talks with Stalin Churchill and Roosevelt.


  12. What happened are they making deals behind closed doors still buying russian oil supporting putins war

  13. zelensky man without brain distroyed his coutry and put his people in front of russian guns for making the cards of USA and EU .Very litle man, not at all prepared for such role.Politics and war are not cinemma or theatre.Too big hat for a such small head .I think in his case the hat is over the neck.

  14. Did russian still need spending military resource there?

    Genius idea come to putin in the most strategic moment

    Either representation of nato lavish culture

    Or just projection for abandoned future of unfortunate unit

    The helpless impression where no proper effort for rescue

    Could make ukraine moral fragile for disadvantage situation

  15. That’s all Putin been doing opening corridors. Selensky too blame for civilians still in the war zones he should of got the civilians out.

  16. Those Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol are not trapped and to say they are is simply dishonest reporting. Those Ukrainian soldiers still in Mariupol are there because there boss Zelensky ordered them not to lay down their arms when terms of surrender were offered by the Russians.

    I have nothing but utter contempt for any person that accepts the story the Ukrainian soldiers are trapped in Mariupol. The argument presented is puerile

  17. Politics and national security is far different from being an actor and dancer. Zelensky should have opted for neutrality, loved all citizens of Ukraine irregardless of the difference in language and ethnicity instead of encouraging the AZOV battalions to harrass or kill them. He had been so prideful at the detriment of his own country. I'm so sorry for the Ukranians plight but thankful that Europe has embraced them and supported them in every way. Praise be to God for many of the Ukranians have been safe and can enjoy living good lives in Europe.

  18. What are the real motives of u.s. government to Ukraine ? That's they can't believe Ukraine government is fallen


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