Mariupol reels under Russian shelling as port city left bruised & battered | Russia-Ukraine Conflict

It has been several weeks since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, and scores of civilians have lost their lives in the conflict. Armies of both countries have been involved in intense fights since Russian troops entered Ukraine.

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Comment (34)

  1. russia did exactly what they said they were going to do , destroy all their military around kiev and did then pulled back to protect the people of donbas, lungust and maripul and freedom to those people , ukis broke the minsk agreement and the got what they wanted….freedom to the the people in those areas which is happening…usa and england wanted this too..

  2. This channel has changed its news since it was blocked from Youtube last month for a week.
    Bias. not neutral. and obtains its news from one side only

  3. RT news reports ukrainian force hold civilians as human shields…western msm ignore that fact..also Russians have a DAILY seese fire to let civilians leave..

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  5. They must be able to get food and water in to the trapped persons . By drones maybe. This is Zelenskyy's job and he better do it or his name is mud.

  6. Ukraine may become two countries, West and East Ukraine. The West ,independent but the East under Russian control and influence. Will see how it all unravels. Feel sad for the those suffering from this unfortunate conflict. People deserve better .

  7. Innocent Civilians are paying the price of comedian's Guerilla war. Soldiers hiding in residential buildings in civilian dresses.
    West wants to drain Russia in Ukraine even if that means complete destruction of Ukraine.
    Now West sells weapons and post war it will make money by rebuilding Ukraine.

  8. I'm trying to be disrespectful but please somebody in wion office give her a new microphone. Right now it sounded like she is reporting in the toilet.

  9. Wives of Ukrainian soldiers fighting in Mariupol are demanding safe passage (surrender) for their trapped husbands. The comedian would not listen.

  10. You should contact YouTube and have them remove all these Russian bots or you will most likely get permanently removed.

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  12. Azov has made their bones in Mariupol. The Reaper is at the door step, so they need to either be martyrs or capitulate to Russian forces. The circumstances are what they are and this isnt a "feel good" movie. End the needless suffering of women, children and the elderly. After, these Avoz men should face their destiny with the same conviction of believe they had prior to being encircled and relegated to their present dilemma. Are these real men or not?

  13. As like a Palestine & Syrian situation.
    wht a combination between the situation two countries,,,
    feelings very sad with ukrein,Syria, Palestine.

  14. Russia Invaded following provocation from US led NATO expansion and now America are now fueling this War killing Ukraine and its people 👎

  15. Ukraine is shelling buildings in Kherson region killing civilians. So, WION is not telling truth here. No humanitarian help is delivered form Ukraine to people in Mariupol.

  16. Mariupol was taken by Russians Then West sends howitzers and heavy artillery Media describes that like this!

  17. Zeleskey is using dead for his greed……US also only sending weapons but no trained soldiers……

  18. Another video shows Mariopol having been cleaned up a lot, and receiving food and water from Russian trucks
    How old is this video really?

  19. Unfortunately folks Like Alfred McCarthy and former NATO Commander said yesterday about China and Putin being far from over and done with war and putins next phase will help china for the long haul with sacrificing his military to destroy nato's grip on the continent and putins been saving everything for war with NATO including his Earth's largest stockpile of nukes for what's coming for what he's been planning for years since the Soviet Union collapsed and will bank it all on this this massive national survival one last standing war with NATO all knowing once this happens there is no point of return once started and knows he can't lose those or it's game over for Russia forever but even if he has a chance to knock us off the European continent for good he will sacrifice everything in one big final moment to be more famous than Hitler on being the one that destroyed the nato military power that's controlled Europe for 75 years and was responsible for his Soviet union humiliation moment in time and being allies with China once NATO removed from the continent they will both focus on making it impossible for the USA to get that type of stronghold again on that capacity and finally form that powerful belt around the entire continent once and for all.

    Yes it could let's never forget what happened to Hitler and Napoleon mighty armies don't think that can't happen in the Vast Russian landscape is and all his powerful S4 Defense Systems setup along it to destroy any threat wether ground or air like the chief of NATO said I'm interview it will be very hard to destroy there defense systems they have everywhere and there tactical nuclear advantage to they have to worry about because they could be launched from anywhere out of any launcher unlike the strategic ones that come out of silos and have to go through a procedure like the Putin's new hypersonic technology that will be almost impossible to stop once launched

    Even another former NATO officer said in 2 nterviews already we have the ability to take on Russia in a national survival style war but we have to put them in place to do it and ramp up everything at a all out national survival military that can withstand heavy losses and refill with experienced elite fighting ground forces to take out russias powerful defense systems and able to take on very battle hardened soldiers to while also working about his air defense system which is the most advanced in the world and very hard to destroy by even the USA's Air force he said it will take slot of money and political action now to really get ready for a national survival one left standing war to the end .

    Now especially with Putin being prepared for it for 22 years now and all the nuclear weapons in the world at his disposal if crap starts to hit the fan after sacrificing another 27 million men again before it ends in his bunker miles down in the mountains Urals just like Hitler sacrificed it all in the end and believe me if he had the stockpile of the most nukes in the world he would have loved to go out with that bang instead of the other bang🔫.

  20. instead of the leaders ending that war in ukraine they send weapons . citizens become the deepest of .


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