Marriage Series 1: What to do before you say "I Do"

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  1. Is this male bashing? I would have hoped the man had given advice to decent men instead of criticism of the weaker ones. Half way through and I've almost had enough.

  2. a german sheppard???? I listen all the 30 min, and I learn a lot even as a caucasian (may I m from lost 10 tribes?) , Thnx and bless U both, regards from germany

  3. Only at the 4:00 mark, but had to post that this video is simply AMAZING!!
    🙁 Wish I had this knowledge so many years ago..

  4. LOL!!! This was the best video I have ever seen-I LOVE YOU SIS DEBORAYAH & BRO YAHU–you both are so funny!! step into the grave single hahaha..Wish I was there! Every word is truth and I thank YAH for you both :)

  5. You have helped me so much these are real issues that we are dealing with I thank the most high he brought me to this video. Please continue to do the Fathers will and be used to speak to us the people need this message all Glory to him


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