Marriage Series 11: A wife who won't SUBMIT (kim kardashian vs Fantasia Barrino)

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  1. That's why I prayed to the Most High Yah beforehand so he sent me the one he know I'm supposed to married, even when I didn't know Father's name. I had over thirty years of marriage to death do us part.

  2. Shalom Happy couple of Yah. look I'm married to this man , he's in the world, and I have begin to study the understanding of the Israelites since March of this year. But he don't believe like that just me. What can I do to be right by Yah, because in finding out what I've discover about myself (that I'm an Israelite). I really don't fell married anymore…..I don't know I'm really confused and it's not a good feeling either. Please help me out.

  3. A wife who won't submit. We must not forget that the Israelites were given piercings in slavery in Egypt. In every Nation we went captive we were taught to do something against the Most Highs wishes. Piercings, tattoos, eating pork and sinful foods, callings YAHUAH by a different name, you name it we were taught everything that was against YAHUAH. Israelite women in public ànd in prayer are to cover our heads. We were NOT to marry out of the Israelite Tribes. It seems mixing different nation's with YAHS people is what this society is promoting now. Promoting evils as we follow until we are totally destroyed!

  4. Kanye and kim has a arranged robotic satanic marriage, arranged by the illuminati for a specific purpose, kanye west died right after his so called rant in Sacramento (supposedly mental breakdown) for speaking the truth! They cloned that boy and downloaded his conciousness to the new body, which has many different features from his previous they using him to promote "Sunday service" and the rise of the antichrist…Research it…it's deeper than one can imagine, the technology of the falling angels is beyond our imagination…they working on Kevin hart now, they start by creating a public spectacle of some sort, car accident or mental breakdown? Then after a period of time, they return promoting some realistic obvious satanic agenda…Stay focused on the most high this world ain't for us…Shalom family!!

  5. Fantasia is a great woman to come out and tell people what is biblical. we women have no choice! wether u like it or not. The Man will allways be our boss,and not the other way around.Unless u are a cow,U will thin k u are the king of the house. GD almighty made Man first, then he made him a woman to appease Man. Adam named the gift GD made him….WO-man,cuz he said a bone from me was taken to form her. GD almighty,the ancient of DAys said,I'am gonna make Adam a helper…….a handmaid! GD almighty never said,I'am gonna make adam a woman who is "equal"! Read the bible everyone who wanna jump fantasia. Do not screw the bible! It is writtten in genesis,unless u read the satanis bible.

  6. when u hear people calling themselves femin ist,u should know they are all cowdung! most of them never married,cuz no man was ever interested in them. We women were not made equal to man. we have to serve man,nurture man,pray for our husband so Gd can bless him abundantly in our life here on earth. the man will provide,and we have to take care of the house ect. With fervent prayers, GD will guide him to the best. We suppose to call our mate "LORD" the way Sarah in the bible did.cuz she had a great ,humble and meek man! when we serve GD,he himself will GD U to the greatest woman u have ever seen. who will look after U. but if U pick a man or woman from a club,what do U expect? how can u call garbage,"LORD" anyhouse where the woman is the boss,the blessings of GD cannot be there.It will be mayham! Cuz U are stepping on the words of the bible!

  7. I'm so happy I got to listen to this video. I actually needed to hear this! I prayed askin' Ahba to speak to me and help me concerning the issue I had in my marriage recently. He answered my prayer through this video.

  8. Woo! This ain't nothing but the truth! I've been married almost 3 years with 2 babies under 2 years old. And if we didn't seek YAH for this thang…😯 It would NEVER work! Submitting to a man who submits to Yah is TRULY a gift for the daughters of Zion!😏

  9. I am so very happy that I have a personal relationship with Father Yah and so do my husband. We both submit to each other and respect each other. We have been married for 48 years all Praises Unto The Most High!!!

  10. It work to make a good marriage. My husband and I grew in the Word of Yah together. It truly a learning experience. But with Father Yah and doing what He says makes it much easier.

  11. Can you please touch on remarriage and whether or not we are able to remarry. My ex husband asked for the divorce and then the young lady no longer wanted him after he left. Now he has married a different woman. The scriptures seem to say remarriage is Not allowed. I hope you reply or make a video

  12. The songs West is singing in these services use "good words" over heavy sexual music that have been demonically blessed by satan. Songs like
    "So Anxieous". I saw & heard that and I already knew what was up! Satan is conning! Im not waisting no time listening. Because those youngsters body language was still vibrating to the original lyrics & music intent. Sexual!
    I couldn't have been in those settings because this is music I was uncomfortable with when I heard it years earlier in my youth. So, no I couldn't get down with that. Anyone knowing this, should turn away from listening to him or his singers. That same sexual spirit is being called up when you sing or listen too satan's songs. Remember

  13. It's fine if foreign women don't submit also black women is just lucky to be in a polygamous marriage too stop complaining

  14. Besides dressing respectfully in public and watching what you partake in, I think it's better to just remain single like Paul said. 😉

  15. Thank you for teaching that included yall REAL LIFE situations…it Blessed me and blesses me when that happens…Shalom

  16. It's very important that the Man submit to Christ…women can't submit to a man's nonsense. Sometimes it s best to remain single. 😄

  17. No what happened is they do not want the responsibility of being head and females submit and give them that power out of cooperation with their oath to grow and they end up after 14 years abandoning this thrown anyway given them from being unstable


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