Marriage Series 2: Do you really want a Virtuous Woman?

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  1. that is a mockery. Treating them like pets. I want to add that I appreciate the honesty here. There are people facing backgrounds who just give up. 

  2. May the YAH keep you all and ruach be with you all  may YHUH'S will be done so be it
    great video ! Ariel in hebrew means lion as the coming of the messiah as the messiah is the lion (Ariel) of Yahudah
    Ariel also is a symbolical name for yerushalum

  3. Thank you, where did you get the Hebrew bible from, the one you have, that's call, I can't pronounce it. thanks, I would love to have one like that, to help me with the real word

  4. Thank you Brother and Sister for this video My husband and I have been in the truth this month for one year. We woke up together at the same time! LOL  We are a mature couple and have loved each other dearly come February 2015 for 30 years. This has helped me so much being new to the truth because I have seen different teaching coming from other camps. We are grateful for your transparency
    because this will help me as a virtuous woman to understand the role of a Hebrew couple with balance that some of Israel won't show in their video's. Thank you again and may the Most High continue to bless you and your family.

  5. Easier said than done.  I don't want to be here (America) anymore.  The playin' field is too uneven.  I rather keep cheating a system that's set up against me. A system that allows police officers to kill my people (Y'sraelites), allow gay marriages (just to name a few).   I'm not hurting my people (drugs, robbing, violence, etc.), I'm just sliding through every gap I see until I got enough to leave.  Just like when we left Egypt, & look what happened to Egypt after we left.  It's military numbers went down, there was no one to guard its fortified cities and gates anymore, the flood gates were open for outside invasion until it finally collapsed.  History needs to repeat itself as far as us (Y'sraelites) dealing with this place.  Like the great Gayle Sayers said, "Give me 18 inches of daylight; that's all I need."


  6. I am one of those men you never met before one of those that did not spent much time as a player as it was something I didn't see in my father. My problem was a lot different in that the sisters truly rejected me, well, at least the jewels I was seeking to marry did. Now these same women that rejected me want to supplant my current wife as unlike most me I took the time to put my wife in a good spot in my life, faithful, always home for her helping out around the house, and all that I hear women say they want in a man. As a people we have to remember that we were brought back to Egypt, (bondage) and if you think that we as a people can prosper in this land of bondage then you are not living in truth. I recognize what has happened to our people as a whole and if I get put into a position to start an exodus I will require all to watch and learn from these videos or simply put you aren't going anywhere with me: We as a people have been damaged and the first step to fixing a problem is seeing and/or recognizing that there is a problem in the first place.
    Now with all fairness I watched this video to learn what a virtuous women is but can honestly say this video was about men and not about women. So, just speaking for me, the question has still been unanswered. What I expected was to see a picture painted for me to use at our youth to let them know what a virtuous woman looks like. I'll use the word and try and paint a picture to them as best I can for them from the word.

  7. Thank You soooo Much for this, awesome message, may the most high continue using you and your husband as wonderful examples! I Love you and thank you. Birekoth Shalum! K'Bella


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