Marriage Series 3: Marrying the Stranger, Mixed couples, Blacks and whites

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  1. When they talked about marrying people of strange nations in the Bible.. they were referring to the nations who were pagan and strange and had pagan gods. God didn't want them mixing with other "strange" nations who had any pagan ways, because HE knew that the pagan person who marries the person who is of God, will influence the person of God to take on pagan things.. Look at Solomon when he married a woman from one of these pagan nations (strange nation).. she ended up influencing Solomon and he fell away from God.

  2. How can you love Jesus but not love another (like black people).. then you don't truly love God. PERIOD. Jesus said that if you say you love God but also say you hate your brother, then you don't love God. (or something like that.. I gotta remember where that is in the scriptures).

  3. Yes, Jesus was dark skinned.. I've seen it in Revelations evidence of this. Where it describes the color of His skin on His feet being Burnished Bronze.. then when I looked up what burnished bronze might look like (because I just don't know):
    Well.. there you have it. Jesus was dark not white or light like many photos I've seen in different churches. In fact, I found out that that photo used quite a bit portraying Jesus as white or light skinned.. I have read it was the fault of the European churches that made Jesus more white and of course it spread and continued into churches here since the start of the United States country because those churches came from the churches in Europe (mostly England).

  4. I like what you say on your WhiteOut films, but this one @watchmanreports I can't agree with because it is very problematic especially for the Black American.  This would disqualify a majority of you from being an Israelite no matter if you marry another "black" American.  Instead you should take it as the scripture says it.  It is about the culture of a person you marry and not the color or race as we confound it in the US to be about color.  Marry a person with the same belief system as yourself.

  5. For us beautiful, powerful , loving and intelligent brown women to only be with our equal in brown a man…. the beautiful brown culture here in the states must CHANGE to what it was in the days of old!

    The brown man must stop his vile abuse against his woman. He must stop his simple entertainment of her body in all ways.

    He must hold her sacred to him…in all ways.

    SHE must do the same!


  6. Hello, I hope this hasn't been answered already but several questions come up watching this.  Almost all black men in the US are mixed with something -as am I.  Both my parents were black but there were other races in their lines.  If Solomon had 800 wives and many were not of Judah then if the offspring were not exiled then that means everyone descended from them were also not Judah or maybe still Judah but also Mesmers (spelling?).  Over all this time that can be a high percentage of people. Would that mean that men/women with some mix in their background should not marry an Israelite?  Would that mean those mixed could marry whomever they pleased?  This just brings up a lot of questions.

  7. Shalom, I love your teachings, Love your relationship as husband and wife. When i got married i was not living according to God's word. I am today, my husband is of the same race but is not living according to God's Word. We live in peace, he does not inhibit me in anyway and I Praise Yah for that. I just do as i am supposed to as a wife and pray that by doing so his life will be changed toward Yah as well, please pray for us.
    Then I wanted to mention Deut: 17:17 where the Word said that they were not to multilpy wives unto themselves as Solomon Later did, so this was one of Solomons Sins and according to Deut was the reason his heart was turned from Yah. Also the precept of one wife is through all Scripture, Yah created one woman for Adam, Noah took his one wife along with his sons and their wives which was the new beginning, each of them had one wife, so despite the fact that many men had more than one in the Bible doesnt mean that it was Yah approved. Remeber when Yashua was asked about divorce, he said that Moses allowed it because of the hardness of mens heart, but stated that "from the beginning" and he went on to state His Fathers will! That there should be no Divorce. Same thing, form the beginning Yah created one woman for one man!


  9. All of this that they are saying from the sciptures are 100% true. How do I know? from experience hearing it from black men and also myself. These white women will allow you to do things to them thats are just insane, and black men love it.

  10. Some of GOD'S people had strange wife's they wasn't put away I think it was concerning the ones who lead his ppl astray are the children having them serving other gods.

  11. separateness causes problems. We are all brothers and sisters.
    Jews say….who is wise ? He who can learn from each person

  12. you complaining about blacks getting killed.
    all the more reason that mixed marriagae is good and leads to understanding.
    The fastest growing group is inter racial marraige
    my wife is ….brown or chocolate (african american)
    she told me all about the KKK 
    she is 17 years older than me
    ….being separate and maintaining separateness leads to problems
    you cant learn about each other unless you talk to each other

  13. They reading scriptures before the Messiah came tho so I understand where this video is going  but what about the mixed multitude in Revelations? Also Didn't Moses marry and Canaanite?

  14. It is no longer a trend but getting to the point of it is surprising to see a black man with a black woman. I often wonder if they think it is worth it to be a target just because you want to be with another race. They have been taught to hate themselves so that is where a lot of it stems from. We have strayed so far from The Most High its sad.

  15. Brother and Sister, I just love your teachings….they are biblical and I learn a lot from you both. God bless you

  16. Shalom. I have a simple question for clarification. If I am from tribe of Judah do I marrying within the same tribe? Or is okay to marry from ant 12 of the tribes? Thank you. Yah bless

  17. Has it not been known of our forefather to have been married with The Hamitic people during the time of Joseph? Their were no Israelite women but one with was there sister so they found their wives with Ham..

    Is Not Timothy A Greek who mother was a Israelite? If we consider the man to carry the seed.  He is who his Father is.

    And also..

    LEVITICUS 19:33 – And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not vex him.

    LEVITICUS 24:22 – Ye shall have one manner of law, as well for the stranger, as for one of your own country: for I am the LORD your God.

    So if the stranger is with you and follow the laws and statures he consider our own. Cause in the latter days their will be a mix Multitude of people not just Israel.

    We are the priest to preach the word of God/Yah to ALL the children of  Adam.

    At those time and yes even now. They have a woman from another nation would be bad due to them worshiping of false gods. BUT if they fear the lord and follow his commandments it would not be against it. ONLY if she takes you away from the truth.

  18. So your telling me that if a black man marry a white woman, it is wrong.. But can they or he still step in paradise? please explain.. And is it of the old..or not? does paradise have a color code?


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