Marriage Series 4: Shut Up Woman and Obey.

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  1. Good teaching Brother Yahu. I have a quick question for you, off the topic of the video (sorry) but how do you feel about communal living or an israelite community to get out of the cities?

  2. I love you guys together and you both are an inspiration sent from the Most High to enlighten his people!!!! Todah for sharing and YES the orange walls were popping Sister 😉 Shalom

  3. You guys have such a wonderful and cohesive family. I hope the Most High blesses me with the love and understanding and RESPECT I see between you two. May The Most High continue to put his ruach on you and yours!

  4. The only thing I have noticed in the bible that a woman really shouldn't do is to be a usurper and that means she is not to go around demanding authority if I am wrong on this please tell me so as I will listen to people be it a man or a woman. 

  5. I'm glad to listen to this video because it got me to understand who you are as person. Blessings come to you from the Most High.

  6. Todah Raba for your ministry.   I have been watching and studying with you on youtube.   I just recently came to discover the truths about our people.    I appreciate your knowledge and I am very glad that The Most High Yahuah is revealing the truth through your ministry.    I've seen other Hebrew Israelite groups on youtube and they were yelling and calling people names out on the streets and just preaching hatred it was a complete turn off for me.   I am a woman of peace not of hatred.   The Messiah Yahusha did not teach his people in a violent hateful attitude, He taught with love, respect  and authority.   Keep going with your teachings, they are such a Blessing.  We need more Hebrew Israelites in the Kentuckiana area to reach out to our people.   Todah Raba (Thank You Much) and Bless You!

  7. Excellent! Wonderful! The white man and his religions have oppressed the feminine and yet The Most High has always  taught that the female was created for Purpose just as well as the male. This is why I heart The Most High's instructions because they generate peace, calm, and unity when we live by those guidelines. Contrast that to Islam, where in Saudi Arabia, their religion's ways are SO imbalanced that they don't even allow females to DRIVE  a vehicle! Their religion and its oppressive nature is a testament to its eventual failure. Oh, and allow me to say that the word Russian might as well mean THIEF, because they're also the same ones who are over there in Tel Abib pretending to be us heck they pretend to be us in Russia too.

  8. I have been watching your videos for awhile now. I agree with the majority of the things you all say. However, I think the whole respecting your wife topic would make a little more sense if you knew the Holy Spirit is female. Not male and not gender neutral. In that case, the earthly family structure is a reflection of heaven: man, woman, child….. The Father is male, the Holy Spirit is female, and Yeshua or Jesus is the child. The original Bible translations describe the Holy Spirit as female. I am not a Bible scholar and I only got the revelation after speaking with the Spirit….I know you probably won't believe me because of my username and all but that's all I wanted to share. A few other videos on YouTube are declaring the same thing, that's how I stumbled upon the possibility and then I
    talked to the Spirit myself.

  9. Shabbat shalom, Sir I just missed an opportunity on Thursday, Its still breaking my heart! I agree with what you said about Men working and i am learning skills all praises to the Most High. I see it's good to listen to your help meet. Also, that she is an asset that you should cultivate into your life with love I see that. But I didn't see where woman should be quiet and obey as the title says unless there is a good part two that I have failed to watch yet. Finally, I am interested in real estate and would like more information after the Shabbat because i am soon starting in this business venture May Abba Yah continue to bless and keep you. Shalom

  10. Since i have listened i have been blessed by your teaching i have old family members who are stuck in churchianity and the obama democratic party ,the question is how can they allow the teaching of al sharpton and the upholding of the homosexual lifestyle be spoken about in churches and accepted. For earthly gain why is it they think to trade off morals for filthy lucre this system always wants a pound of flesh for helping you

  11. I'm writing to you about this foolishness of polygamy being propagated in the Israelite Hebrew movement. What is your opinion on this?

  12. Shalom brother, first I want to say that I love and respect both you and your wife and your ministry. it has enlighten me as I grow in Yah's truth. So I want to say thanks. When I read the beginning's, I like to say the first fruits, the first murder was Cain and the first to take 2 wives was Lamech from the line of Cain where 2 lives were lost. I find it interesting that the word stated that. Adam saw woman and said bone of my bone flesh of my flesh we are one. How may one can their be, every wife will be one? Jacob Loved Rachel it caused hurt to Leah. He desired Rachel but was tricked into union with Leah. The other wives were given to him out of jealousy. The father states the end is told from the beginning.
    Yah's blessing to your family

  13. I like what you said in the beginning. It's been a struggle to get a job, but I have now put plans in motion to be self employed.


  14. My wife and I also have a channel on You Tube and I receive the same type of responses from my so called Hebrew brothers about my wife speaking and other time when she was wearing sweat pants outside in our tent during cool weather.  They also get on me about my "shaved head" which I only cut because its fading if you know what I mean LOL!  I saw a comment you got talking about your head wear.  People really need to give it a rest and focus on what is truly important.  We tend to get off of focus with this knit picking that is going on between Hebrew brothers and sister.  Great video.  I really enjoyed it.  Birekoth Shalum!

  15. Thank you for these beautiful videos you guys. I learned a great deal. May Yah continue to bless you and your lovely household. Shalom.

  16. In this video, you yourself made a simple but , powerful acknowledgement of reality, giving it validity. You stated," what about the Jews", they speak , write, read Hebrew and live in Israel??? Was your Hebrew language, use by many nations as their own, like the Jews, who preserved for thousands of years,  where ever they ended up (meaning nations they settle in)but yet you lost it and forgot it. How did you overcome that  tangible, historical perspective, that can not be over look. I am a Mizrahi.  Respectfully 

  17. I always love teachings that are scripturally correct on the role of the Aysh and Ashah in a family. Folks don't understand this and it needs to be made understood. I'm a strong brown skinned woman but I am submissive to my Aysh. He is the responsible and authoritive person in our family. Too often both men and women fall out of compliance with the rules and regulations regarding marriage. Many women dont want to be submissive and many men view submission as slavery. Man was given a responsibility by YHUH and women were given a responsibility . Hopefully one day more people will view videos such as yours and really accept and get what their role and responsibility is in the household as well as the community and the body of YHUH.

  18. Not only did he speak to the women , but she came out of idolatry from a pagan household , and people that deliberately worshiped false god's. You 2 are the BOMB.

  19. To come out of the eropean brainwashing takes time. It can't be done overnight. I am 56 years old and am begining to learn true blackness. I want to know do we hate the system of whiteness or individual white people. Can the white man be born again? Does Yeshua love the white race? I want to know the truth. I want to marry a true sister, one that will understand how I am.


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