Marriage Series Coming down from cloud 9

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Comment (23)

  1. Shalom the precious people of the very high who are scattered in the 4 corners of the world for 400 years prophesied to Adam henock Noe Abraham Issac and yacouba be richly blessed holy peoples or you find yourself

  2. Shalom Family,

    May Yah bless you both and your family.

    I'm so very happy to join in on this series.
    I was just telling my husband how I admire you as a married couple.
    It's so obvious that you not only truly love and respect each other; but you also enjoy each other and are one.
    We are going on 4 years and boy oh boy it's been a journey.
    Looking forward to hearing what you've got to share.


  3. Shalam family 🙏🏾, I wanted to know if Yall would be able to provide scriptures I can study in reference to a spouse who isn't interested in walking in "The Way"

  4. People please wake up and be lead ONLY by the Holy Spirit, which is the ONLY Teacher. There is NO "Marriage" in the world. Do not be deceived! Only The Farther Spirit can constitute "Marriage", and He is not in the world. We are under a curse, so how can we have a "Marriage". We are "Married" when we give ourselves to one another. The word "Married" means the joining of two to become one, a spirit. The term "Marriage" is a Covenant with the most High, The Farther. We are being deceived into a false covenant with the ruler of this world, Satan always need something physical to bind us with him (a person, place or thing). All you have to do is listen to the wedding vows, "with this ring I take thee" "by the power vested in (a men or state)". The Farther bind us in Spirit because He is Spirit, but satan requires the flesh and all things physical. That's why all the ceremonies are rituals. False marriages are being destroyed left and right. Wake up!

  5. Kan sister and brother I'm in a relationship with a nice fellow but before me he had a bad marriage. I feel as if he has taken things out on me so we decided to step back so he can pull himself together. Thank u

  6. the marriages of today is so wrong. the creator made woman for the man not man for the woman, women are incharge of their husbands. as for my people children are their oppressors an women rule over them.

  7. y must people get married,thts not what the father was speaking or poor a man has his pair botm thts not the reality today. most women marry form financial stability smh,all marriages today is wrong.

  8. I dont understand marriage when a woman naturally belongs to a man, dont forget Adam never married Eve, Eve naturally belonged to Adam. It is the babylon satanic system tht bring marriage into existance, women dont love men but they love what the man can give them

  9. It is written tht women submit to ur husdands thts not whats going on, women dont submit yet they want the man to love them smh, rather women want the man to submit smh

  10. women go through problems with men cause they look form the wrong things in a man, the devil in them will not want a righteous man


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