Marriage Series: Eric Swift Testimony horror story of two Gentile marriages

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Comment (42)

  1. Women of the other nations who live near military installations typically prey on those men generally, especially Hebrew men. Im a witness to it.

  2. Don’t ever let anyone keep u from your children. I never understood that. Take Legal action. Take any action. Especially if u provide support.

  3. Me too… BEFORE I knew you were not supposed to be with another race I felt it and it always looked wrong to me

  4. You are so right, Bro. Watchman and Sis. Deborah, about claiming ignorance of the Law as an excuse; there should be a feeling/knowing of what's right.

  5. One of the excuses our people give for marrying Gentiles is Christian Churches teach that Ruth was a Morabite, but she wasn't she was from the Tribe of Ruben. Moses was in Mo'av when he died. Deut: 34:5 and read Deut: 29: 1-8

  6. He deserved what he got for chasing and loving and treating better the non-black woman. Listen to his story (the parts you can hear clearly)…he thought that white woman was exotic (first of all white women are not exotic and never have been)….he was in love with non-black women because they did not look black just like a lot of black men, when some years back these women would not date black men and did not find them attractive – but these black men have gone crazy over them because these women are dating them now and they treat these women much better than the black women because they are stuipid. Listen to how he put up with the non-black women and the mess he takes off them and how he dropped dating the black woman to run to the white woman's country to get back with her after she left him..and then when he got there she turned on him and treated him like the shit he was acting like. He let the white women treat him like much after he got his ass whooped by them too much, he wants to start dating the black women giving them the white woman's messed up left overs.

  7. I know this is so Random. But I have a dilemma I just recently bought a coat and the coat has duck feathers inside. I know we are not to eat duck, but is it safe to wear it? Can any of my brothers and sisters help me out…thank you!

  8. Im with Watchman!!! I knew in my spirit to never be with a gentile. 😈😈🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  9. My brother is caught us in this same stuff and I have been praying that his eyes are opened. All they do is use and use some more. Of course, you have to be put in a position to allow yourself to be used.

  10. 😢😢😢 All Praise To YAHUAH For Opening His Eyes Even Though He’s Being Tried In The Fire He Can Now Rejoice And Breathe A Little More Clearer Through His Storm With A Woman YAHUAH Has Chosen For Him.

  11. I think this is misleading people in some type of way. I DO NOT AGREE! I honestly don't see this statement in the bible that interracial marriage is a sin. Remember that we are all ONE, "Humans" and the whites/asians/hispanic/indians all came from Adam and Eve BLACK PEOPLE. God taught us not to judge the flesh but the spirit the person carries in him/her. My uncle is white and my aunt black, they been married for 40 years and have a great relationship with God. All people experience ups and down in marriage but that ain't got nothing to do with the skin color. God does not rejects those who want to repent and follow Him. Lets Love one another and stop generalizing everything you see out there.

  12. 2 of my 3 sons dates other nations of women. one son dated a ww 4 over 5yrs now and he goes thru hell with her. He pays all her bills and takes care of her oldest child thats not his. If a bw requires this she is a gold digger. My other son dates a Filipino lady. I pray for my boys to leave them but idk for some reason its hard for them to do so. Once they get strange flesh they cant get enough of them. My 3rd son never dated them he dates a bw and always have. Sometimes i don't feel bad for them or anyone that dates other nations but then the love for my sons keeps me humble about it. I will keep talking and praying for them

  13. Unfortunately this brother wasn’t taught anything about women in general, thus he made a LOT of SIMP MOVES. Simping in another country away from your people can be dangerous in my opinion

  14. what needs to be taught is…1corithians 5ch is talking about not only of a son marring his father's mother…..but also, MIXING!! a little leaven, leavens the whole lump! and 1corihians 7ch…is written because , Israelite men ,who were in GENTILE COUNTRIES WERE MIXING AND MARRING THOSE GENTILE WOMEN!

  15. Ok this is bad but I’ve seen black women do just as much wickedness to a good black man. And for the record I have ONLY dated black women.

  16. Hi Watchman and Deborah! I have a question: A woman that I really like, her mom is white,but her father is black. She has a son who is half black. She keeps the Torah and loves Yahuah and fights for Him and His name. Is she an Isrealite? Or considered the Stranger? Would she be grafted in? And if I was to talk to her and date her would I be cursed?

  17. What about when a gentile receives TMH as their Elohim and keep the commandments and the faith of Messiah. Is that person still of the nations or has this person become grafted into Israel and if so is this person of another nation able to marry Israel because now they are one ppl with one God right.

  18. The term gentiles or pagans does not only refer to white people it can be black poeple that are not Yisraeli as well, the Most High hates mixed marriages or carnal marriage!

  19. G👀GLE Even Deletes The Scriptures About Keeping Away From Marrying Djinn/Gentiles ie Tribe Of Cain❣️

  20. Need some testimonies on the horrors of dating these Israelite sisters.. Men protect your seed from ALL unworthy women.. These sisters will do you just as bad.. Stay single and prayed up young men, be patient, save your money, study the word.. Paul never married maybe many of us shouldn't either..

  21. I am the product of a mixed marriage. My childhood life was filled with all sorts of prejudices. Not just from Caucasians but more so from Blacks. There were 8 Children in my family. My Mother had a twin sister and they married two Black Brothers. One brother was light skinned and one was dark skinned. I and my siblings are the product of the darker brother. However, my moms twin sisters children (the boys) came out with blond hair and blue eyes. The girls brown eyes. We all have either hazel or brown eyes. We all have long wavy or straight hair; even the boys. We were teased and tormented on a regular bases. Fortunately, we were taught to defend ourselves very early in life. I guess my parents knew what we were in for. I nor my siblings nor cousins have ever identified with the Caucasian race. We have been divided from all my mothers side of the family. We don't know most of them. I'm not sad about that at all because they have never reached out to us! Neither is my mother. She chose who she wanted as her husband. It didn't seem to bother her in the least. I never heard her call any person of color out of their name. I never heard her use the "N" word in my life. She always sided with her husband and children on any issues of color. The only issue we seemed to have encountered is our children's questions on our mothers relatives. They are confused as to why we don't know any of them. That side of our ancestry has not been tapped into. Are we wrong in not wanting to know about it? Should we try to investigate it for our children sake? My family is very torn on this matter. We have voted many times. Until we are all in agreement…we have decided to put it on the back burner for now. We have a discussion on this subject every year that we meat for our family reunion (on my Fathers side) Any advise?

  22. Man this brings tears to my eye's i have a story also but not dealing with gentile women. I have found the truth TMH
    when i lived in Texas with my wife at the time about three yours ago.
    Now im originally from St.Louis
    But my family is from St.Louis
    My mother and brothers and sisters.

    But since my eye's became open to the truth i decided to move my wife and children to St.Louis because i missed my family back home i was in Texas about 10 years i had plans for a better life for my wife and I in St.Louis.

    So we moved to St.Louis about 2 months we was there things started to go down hill from there my wife left me
    And she took everything with her including my son, because i don't think TMH wanted me to move my family to St.Louis because Yah was working with me in Texas where i found him.

    I had started drinking a lot depressed stressed out ready to give up on life
    And my own blood family turned on me treated me like a dog in the streets……..😭
    While i was going through all of this
    That's when i realized they begged me to come back not because they missed me but because the devil didn't wanna see me happy. I had everything and to lose it all that quick that's all it takes
    I haven't seen my son in over 2 years
    Now 😢
    So i believe TMH is chastising me
    For coming back to this worldly mess
    But he haven't given up on me but i left Texas when TMH Yah was just starting to work on ME!! I'm sorry Elohim please forgive me
    I GET IT NOW, I DO!!!!🙏🏾🙌🏿.

  23. I don't know if I'm going to share our story to you all but I'm happily Married with my husband. My husband is a Puerto Rican but born and raised on NY. And but by the way I'm Asian (Philippines). We've been married for 5 years and been together for 7 years we are Christian (same beliefs) but when we started to change and belief about Israelites it's only for 4 years ago. We are not doubting each but every time we listen to this story we were asking each other that we are destiny by Yah or not. That's why makes me cry sometimes. Because I know his nation is in the Bible and was written by bible.
    The question is Does Yah going to judge us? Does Yah still going to bless us even if we are different nation? 😭

  24. So, this man has been married twice and is currently having problems with wife number three. Has anyone given any thought to the fact that maybe this man is simply not husband material? His blaming the failure of his first two marriages on race seem entirely too convenient. Anyone who accepts and follows God's laws, statutes and commandments is Israel. Israel has always been a mixed multitude.

  25. I would like ask. My soon to be wife has been prev married. Her ex husband cheated on her not even a year after they married. She separated and divorced and we met and have been dating for 6 years. I want to marry her but is this a sin?. Even tho they valves was under a pagan religious. And not yah I'll Father

  26. So, what are you going to do with those mamzers? Those children are a reminder of your sin. You must leave them and their mothers. I don't feel sorry for the brother because we all have to go through whatever it is to get to where Yah wants you to be.


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