Marriage Series Let's go! – PREVIOUS UPLOAD 2017

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Comment (17)

  1. Watchman please tell your son- I said I commend him for keep his family jewels to himself- Until The Most High sends him his helpmate- What a Great Roll Model he is- I wish I was as smart as him when I was his age- Tell him I said to Keep Rolling down the Righteous Path of Life- The Most High Willing- I’ll be with You’ll in the Kingdom- Love from Phoenix-

  2. “…women stepping out of their lane. You have men that won’t drive in their lane.” -Deborah YAH on Marriage

  3. HalleluYAH ! praise Yah , wish I had this teaching when I got married in 1980 it would have saved a lot of mess .😥😊

  4. I Thank you both so so much for this video. This is ministering to me in such a profound and prophetic way. I could not agree with you both more. I an newly married. I have and am learning so much about myself and I Thank Yah for exposing me to me. I had to learn humility and purge pride out of me. I also had to learn to submit to my husband who is a follower of the Most High Yah. I was 37 years old
    Before I even having my first " relationship. I am now age 46. Married for 2 years to a Wonderf Mighty Man of Valor. So yes I had a lot to learn. But because I value the sanctity of marriage knowing that I always wanted marriage. I Thank Yah that he has giving me the desires of my heart that pertain to life and Godliness. That and of course the Ruak Hakodesh and a relationship with the Most High Yah & Yeshua Hamachiac is what is leading ne to becoming a better wife and a more obedient servant of Yah.
    I pray an Abundance of Blessings upon you both. Much Love and Shalom❤

  5. Marriage is a Beautiful Union of individuals coming together by The Most High, eventually they will become one in Him. It's a lot of work, but it's becomes much easier when you do it Yah's Way!!! My husband and I have been married for almost 50 years, All Praises Unto THE Most High!!!❤

  6. Have you ever read the book called, ' 'Man Leads' by Ro Cuturo? I'm pretty sure I'm spelling her last me wrong
    . Anyway.. She has the same concept as far as marriage being a dance.

  7. All Praise to Abba Yah 🔥 Blessings up In Yeshua hamashiach mighty name The Holy Spirit to keep us steadfast ⚔️🛡️💪
    My husband an I celebrated 9 yrs of marriage 💗 8-25-2012 – 8-25-2021
    TRu Health is wealth Order


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