Marriage Series: Mystery of Marriage, Video

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Comment (29)

  1. I am divorced and refuse to date or remarry
    Remarriage is adultery
    I love Yahovah and Yeshua more than earthly men

  2. This is a great marriage series. Thank you. I married out of the Heavenly Fathers will and paid a terrible price. But now i have a deeper relationship with the Heavenly Father. I am so at peace alone. But not lonely. I Thank the Heavenly Father for rescuing me out of that mess.

  3. But if you saying that what have you learned from if he takes that and thought and forgiveness what have we learned from don't we learn from our past don't we learn from our past we have to learn what are you saying we don't learn nothing

  4. That's their life story I get it what you're saying I get it I understand but I have to learn from my choices of my decisions from my past I have to

  5. Aren’t they now divorced? Is this an old message? I don’t know what’s going on with Watchman and Deborah Yah anymore.

  6. Perhaps you are "twin flames". The Creator was one spirit, with positive and negative energy. When "It" decided to express itself on a physical plane, it exploded, sending particles of positive and negative energy throughout the Universe. Each particle had positive and negative energy. When we dropped to Earth, energy now in a physical form, male and female. Twin flames don't always find their mate. You did congratulations. Peace and Blessings 🙌

  7. 2 Corinthians 5:7- for we walk by faith, not by sight—

    Romans 10:17- So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.

    John 17:17 – “Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.

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    [The Sub Atomic Sound,🤗
    & Repeat😎]

  9. I made a mistake this year about not listening to my wife about a certain situation, now I'm paying for it because I messed up. Now I should have known better, being that I was married before. 🤦🏿🤦🏿🤦🏿
    Great Message.

  10. This is a wonderful Marriage Series and I must say is very informative and great ministry. May Yah continue to Bless your family and I continue to look forward to the ministry that you both put out to the masses.
    Shalom and Blessings 🙌 🙏 ✨

  11. If the man goes astray , then his wife should not submit to her man but submit directly to YAH and ask YAH to intercede on her behalf…..

  12. Shabbat Shalom family! I followed Yah in marriage he showed me who he wanted me to marry. I followed him and he led me into marriage. We were happy Yah made us fertile and prosperous in every way. I obeyed Yah and gave everything my wife asked for, we never argued or fought because Yah led us it was everything and all that. We relocated to Arizona the moment we entered Tucson Yah said she's going to leave you for a job. 13 years later that's exactly what she did. Yahuwah knows all he gives and takes away. My exwife and her mother said something about she never submitted. I have no idea what that's about. Obviously she had no respect for her husband. Yah said her and her family are thieves and embeslers which he hates and he will deal with them. I gave my all I obeyed Yah but the result is divorce. I haven't seen our children in 3 years now. I wanted to hate and blame Yah for this but I can't even though he orcastrated this mess we have a part to play. I believe Yahuwah is going to make all this up to me as his Word says.

  13. Powerful message teaching..flashback my dad's a preacher I went to a battered woman shelter 8 months pregnant and a 4 yr old when I called my dad he came n got me took me bck my abusive boyfriend and said I'm supposed to be with him!! Real
    This was years ago though

  14. I'm not saying that the Lord does not do those things but you got to remember he want us to learn from our past and our choices all of the apostles have killed murder even the women have came in an adultery but they have to learn from their choices and decisions I'm not saying the Lord did not do that but I'm saying scripture says he does not want us to cry about our choices and I just don't dwell on it don't you know I'm saying dwell on your past and your choices and your decisions I'm saying even Paul Peter the people he helped he want them to know and tell those people your choices and decisions your past which have you done look at Paul Paul was a killer he killed a lot of people but he told people what he'd be done and the Lord remind him to make sure you don't go back and go do it again the Lord fixed him and gave him a heart I gave him heartbreaking his heart look at Peter look what Peter have done he told Peter you with this on me and Peter disown him Peter remind himself that he did not go do it again it's things that what's important to the Lord to have us not to go through that again what we've been doing bad things to others lying killing murdering disrespecting others yes even throwing things in other faces you cannot sometimes forgive someone for what they have done to you it hurts I get it I know the Lord feels the same way how he feels but we do things when we lie when we kill when we do things that we're not supposed to do but he still forgive us yes that's true but on the other thing you're not supposed to be a fool and we supposed to pay attention and learns from our choices and our decisions I dwell on it not dwell on it like I said before but learn from it yes he does take it and throw it in the lake I forgetfulness yes that's true but he still want us to learn from our choices and our decisions you know what the devil is a liar that's true

  15. The devil is a liar that's true that is very true but he'll come to you remember he knows the Bible too he knows all the scriptures himself he knows about the Father takes our past our decisions our choices and throated and never forgetful ness and he knows that meaning he comes in your head and your mind you're clean you've been saved we can go back out there and go do it again and you're clean you don't remember anything right you think you're innocent now you have no problems nothing to remind you not to go do that again nothing there to let you know what have you done to the person or to others remember I said not to dwell on it but make sure that he let you know you know I cannot go back and go do that I hurt someone I did something to someone and I cannot do that again remind you in a positive way to learn from your choices and decisions you have to learn from it that's why he gave us free will to learn from our choices and our decisions to make sure I am not going to hurt anyone I do something to someone that I've done a long time ago I cannot do that that's why that holy Ghost is there it's there in your mind and your heart and your body to remind you hey hey you cannot do that you got yourself in situations you cannot get out of

  16. Agape love is very powerful yes he gives us very very powerful and the things that we do knowing is wrong we know it's wrong we know what we doing to people and to others we know we know it gives us free will we know like I said again we know it's wrong but anyways we end up doing it to people and thinking we can get away with it we can get away with it like I said again we can get away with it without no consequences without no consequences meaning we have a choice and decisions to make and with shoes to do something to that person without respecting them what else loving them we cheat and we lie and we hurt them and we don't have no feelings or emotions while we doing it but the Lord takes that half and throw it in the lake of forgetfulness but he still want us to learn from hurting someone he still want us to learn the word the main word I'm telling y'all is learn learn from our choice and our decisions on what we do the apostles all them had to learn have to learn Paul Peter Joseph all them David all those people in the Bible had to learn the choices and decisions they made we have to learn from it David had to learn what he did to that woman her husband Adam has to learn what he did in the garden Eve had to learn what she did in that garden we all have to learn that's why he give us free will to pay attention on our actions our choices all of us matter of fact everyone in that Bible have to learn on choosing to go back and go do it again now like you said in this video yes the devil is very powerful that's true he knows the Bible himself remember you have a video about that he knows everything about that word remember he tempted the Sun of the Father what scriptures sorry Lord if I'm saying it wrong but I'm trying to explain it to them you want us to learn from our choices and decisions that we make you want us to learn from it you give us free will to make choices to choose right sometimes we ever choose wrong we go out there and sometimes we still we lie and we kill and we murdered but I know you want us to do the right thing Father pay attention to you pay attention to your commandments put all everything on you but you first

  17. Amen to 6 minutes and 45 seconds start for me. Many marriages are not ordained of Yah and have friction and turmoil…problems drama and trouble. No peace no serenoty when out of the will of Yah. HalleluYah

  18. Love this and much needed. My hubby left me today. Pennyless, broken, everything you talked about I suffered from most of it. But am pulling myself together. He got small sum of money and gone, complained, the verbally abusive, the outside women, selfish. Bought us a camper to live in gave up my savings, now searching for job asap.

  19. This came at THE RIGHT TIME! APTTMH! I have been praying and crying to Yah about marrying my fiance. HalleluYAH!

  20. When I thought I had listen to all of the marriage series. Y'all put this one up. YAH heard my plea & cry. And y'all received my message for help. This brought me into some serious 😢 tears. I met my husband at The homeless shelter. And when he approached me I was in the WORD. He is raised a Christian & I was raised a Jehovah's witness. I've been in this TRUTH now for 3yrs. I wish I could've met y'all 7 years back. Right after my Mommy passed away. Now I know I must continue to fast & pray for my husband. We been together for 5 years September 3rd & been married now 1year August 7. I know we married out of YAH'S Will. Him being a Christian & me recognizing who we truly are in the Bible. He refuses stand up & recognize this TRUTH. But this marriage series has given me a whole lot to work with now. And I did watch the War Room. Awesome 🎥 movie. LOVE you family💙🌹💕thanks for the help. Peace & Blessings. Thank You ABBA FATHER Abba YAH IN YAHSHUA HAMASHIACHS HOLY NAME AHMEN📖🗡📜👏😌🙏🌹💕


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