Marriage series: What do you do if your spouse isn't trying to do right?

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  1. I questioned Yah about my marriage while in seperation. Then instantly the phone rung and my husband started saying you want to know why our marriage didn't work is because of me. I was too selfish. Then hung up.

    The question I asked, Yah had my ex answered it immediately. So I don't think Yah want people to stay in bad marriages.

    So I know you have to ASK Yah out of the truth of your heart and He will answer.

  2. YAH is so…….. Wonderful! Watchman, you and sister Deborah are great teachers and counselors!! This lesson was great to listen too. Thanks!!

  3. I watched this video because my mom is a believer but my father is not and he delivers a lot of stress upon her…..I appreciate the video but you guys kind of went off topic for a while : ) you kind of talked about how you should feel towards your spouse but not what happens when a spouse does not believe in the most high and is negatively effecting the family?? is it a sin for her to leave him??

  4. please pray that if it is yahs will for me that yah will send me the right girl to marry and have 22 sons and 2 daughters

  5. please pray that if it is yahs will for me and my life than please pray that yah will send me the right girl for a wife and possibly have 2 sons and 2 daughters

  6. The person i have been got married sometime duing us being in a relationship. He now claims that he feels he made a mistake and has never stopped pursuing me. He feels spritually he made the wrong decision. Should entertain this at all?

  7. My husband stays on porn sites and I find him offering to meet up with women and when I tell him that I'm leaving him he says go ahead because he wants a gentle woman anyway.

  8. Wow it make sense now granny told me she didnt want to live anymore less than 5 years later. She said she cant handle it on her own thats really deep love.

  9. Thanks for the teachings! I want to know what to do if both spouses suppose to be believers for over 20 years and one spouse committed adulteries and has left the other spouse for another person and made no contact with the spouse? Are there scripture to divorce over the adulteries?

  10. I'm thinking about Marriage And I Was Married Before, Wisdom To Marry Again, What Do I Do? My Ex husband is 77 Years Old And We Have Been Seperated For Close To 10 Years Now. I'm 61 Years Old!

  11. I hope you don’t mind my comments but a lot of what you say is from your knowledge or your interpretation of the Bible I hope you will give us references from the Bible when you make your point don’t be like those pastors who just give people their point of view

  12. So when you mention those Hebrew words many of us don’t understand so please explain the meaning when you do God bless


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