Mass protests in Sri Lanka amid the ongoing economic crisis | President refuses to resign | WION

Amid the ongoing economic crisis in South Asian nation, protesters are taking to the street demanding President’s resignation. However, Sri Lankan President refuses to resign.

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Comment (36)

  1. India violetes human rights, thats why India will have the next economic crisis after we sanction India. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️USA

  2. Not only the government, Srilankan people are also very selfish, tamil peoples grievences are not addressed so far, corruption, malpractice, inefficiency, indecipline are the main characteristics of this country.

  3. The People of Sri Lanka sdh follow the Egyptian type of Peoples Power and the Police and Army shd support the People.Becoz thier Lives are effected too.

  4. Literally my heart melts for my neighbouring country,by seeing this stuff. Inshallah Everything will be fine soon

  5. India should never help Sri Lanka !
    What they did to their own citizen in Jaffna is unbelievable !
    Let them fall again Into the Chinese Debt Traps ! And remain unpopular !

  6. எந்த நம்பிக்கையில் இன்னும் resign பன்னாம்ம இருக்காரு இலங்கை பிரதமர்

  7. This is result of the karma of Sri Lanka

    Some people have in memory that how they killed Sri Lankan tamils children's women by massacring them God always give justice in Hindi as we says bhagwan ke ghr der h andher ni

  8. Fighting 7.5% inflation (more like 15%) with a 1% Fed funds interest rate is like stopping a forest fire with a bucket of water. Folks prepare accordingly. Make investment in other not to depend on the government for funds.

  9. Basic education is important .. Government get money from tax and that deep tax cut is really showing their effect now

  10. What nonsense guy is this…he just want to remain in power where he is just destroying his country. He need severe thrash from his own country people. Same Zelensky ….playing with his country people life.

  11. Until and unless all of Rajapakshas group is removed there will be no improvement in SriLanka as they will keep repeating this LOAN AND DEBT TAKING policy again and again.
    Why does some politicians take loans beyond their capacity to pay back.
    Now opposition leaders may get money to support Rajapakshas. Check the opposition falling in line behind Rajapakshas within a few days when they do get the money.

  12. There are some chr#…n preachers in this comment section who are clearly not bothered about the Sri Lankan crises but to spread their faith. Shame on them.

  13. Had all these protesting ppl made something valuable for srilanka to export it would have helped there nation.
    Brainlessly voted for freebees and ruined there nation.

  14. Pakiatan KNEW when they accepted China's deal. It was a way for them to take over. There is no deal with China from which you get out winning.

  15. Bastards go away! Think about the country first! Not the stolen money you took! Shame on you😷

  16. That’s why you need to diversify your economy, dong rely on tourist from outside to be your biggest business. Look at Bangladesh, with a small tourist industry, it wasn’t hit hard by COVID line Sri Lanka did. Learn from this. Use loans properly and minimize corruption.

  17. The same will happen to the Soloman Islands if China gets in there also they already burned down one Chinatown a few months ago.

  18. NO fuel, NO electricity, NO food and NO medicine. And, despite people protesting left, right and centre of the country the shitty President and the Prime minister don't want to leave… Am I missing something here?? This RAJAPAKSHA family is a curse!

  19. The Rajapakshas are absolute scum and these deeply corrupt,greedy narcissistic leaders are more than anybody responsible for the disaster Sri Lanka faces. They need to resign immediately. Everyday they are in office crisis is prolonged. Any way out of the crisis can only come from the people and they need to put leaders in their who look out for the welfare of the people.

  20. Are there ANY Normal Human beings called MEN ?? what a SHAME for HUMANITY, just Jabbering like MICE will never get rid of Criminals,

  21. This is the most corrupted regime in the world now. They the brothers, sons, nephews, uncles all are ministers have embezzled over $20-30 bn from the country and invested in Uganda, Switzerland, US, Seychelles and other shady places.

  22. Declining to accept the government failure is today biggest issues
    When it’s evident should immediately resign and allow country to prosper is required in politics.
    Law on recruiting MLA, MP, Governor, CM, PM, & President should have clear definition when they get sacked like any employee in an organisation


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