Meditation for the Daughters of Zion, In the Presence of Yahuah

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Comment (36)

  1. Thank sister very wonderful video. I really felt calm and peaceful. I will be listening to this again at bedtime 😊

  2. This is so beautiful my sister, please make more of such videos. I listen to it in the mornings while driving to work. I am so blessed. May Yahuah bless you abundantly.

  3. Sis Deborah is it possible to
    Make more of these and longer I would love to put my headphones 🎧 on and listen while I sleep 💤 😴

  4. Praise YAH! I just listened to this uplifting and beautiful meditation video. Love it and will share it. Yahuah bless you continually. Todah

  5. Everything starts with Y
    Yuhhoa, Yushao, Yuhshua Yahweh, Yeshua, Yuhhua, You.
    Y ||| 3 lines + 2 | = 3 x 2 | = 3
    27 +6=33…….33+27 = 60………
    27-6=21……. …3-21=27…….
    60-33=27 …….. 60-6=54…….
    21-6=15………… 54-6=48……..

  6. Glory and praises to the Most High YAH for guiding you to make this meditation video! I appreciate all the works YAH does through you and the family Shalom!!! 💓💝💞


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