Meditation Meaning and understanding the Word

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Comment (23)

  1. As I went through chemotherapy and had no idea what level my cancer was, I meditated.
    It was a deep experience, I asked TMH a question and he answered. He answered me as I was meditating.

  2. Thank you, Watchman Yahu for the REVELATORY MESSAGE with the English language and being mindful of what is actually being said or "spell casted"… thank you

  3. Brother Watchman that melon 🍉 looks so good. I throw out around five melons I purchased. I’m done buying anymore this summer. I will be planting my own next summer if YAH willing. Thank you always for this teaching may The Most High continue to bless you and your family 💕

  4. I think some people get tripped up over the word mediation because there’s different types of mediations. Worldly mediation and Scripture based meditation. And Yes there’s only One truth, but many times men add to the Word and deceive others causing people to refute certain terms/words altogether. Which is why mediation must be sought out only from, by, with and through the Words of Yah. There’s two meanings to many words. An example is food. What’s food to the rest of the world isn’t food to Yah’s set-apart children. Or the church. Yah’s church is not the world’s church. Or the Messiah. The world’s messiah is different from the Messiah of Yahuah. Sometimes it’s not the actual word/term it’s the context and action of how the term is begin used/carried out (Scripture based vs worldly based).

  5. If YahUah aint in it? It has no life ie., immortality! And its effects are not long lasting.

    Dis reAlm seeks. The christ, yet NO know, the 🕊MessiYAH!🕌
    HalleluYAH kum ba YAH, our lord king YA'shua!

     These are the power of words and the geometry formed 4rmed, through intent 💙 {feelings intense}!

    this video shows, see hear meshpaca please and thanks.

    In order to be sealed by YahUah/YahAwah? One must be emersed in his frequency, their4 praise YahUah exclusively & frequently! In all thy things, let heaven sing & bear witness hallelUYah hallELuYAH halleluYah….

    YhWh = the 4 power words! TetYAHgramArten = the star tetYAHhedron = this in geometri! Ge Om A Tree = 🔯

    The tree of life is YahUahs name, to be remembered 4 ever sow it is written. Sow 4 eternity? The seal is Fathers name sang, spoken, praised in REVELATIONS, and with this one key ingredient? Molecules change, & everything else change!

    YahUah = YhWh = TetYAHgramArten = star tetYAHhedron = 🔯 in geometry

  6. Good evening brother watchmen, I was listening to your comment regarding good morning and that you don't say good morning because of the meaning. I was puzzled so I looked up the meaning of morning. There is another word that sounds like morning which is mourning. These are the homonyms of one another. I hope this was helpful. Please feel free to share your thoughts. Have a wonderful evening. Your watermelon looked good. It's one of my favorite fruits.


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