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Bio-hackers are people who want to make their bodies and brains function better – by ‘hacking’ their biology.

That could be as simple as taking vitamin supplements but if you call yourself a Bio-hacker you’re likely doing far more than that.

In this film Catrin Nye meets people inserting technology under their skin, trying to edit their DNA, changing their diet to try and live to 150 and trying to create entirely new human senses.

We met people in the UK, Germany and the US who want to push the limits of what it means to be human.

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  1. I've never seen an example of a "biohack" that requires human implant for it to work. It just seems like an arbitrary decision.

    Kind of like, "I have a telescope. I'm going to biohack by gluing it over my eye."

    Genetic modification is also arguably not biohacking – it's merely ignorant medical science practice, poorly executed in worryingly uncontrolled conditions by non-experts.

    But I guess it's a matter of perspective… Cough

  2. 0:21 the women siting just makes me think of a device you could braid into your hair. As in like a block that braids go through into I guess but the idea of a long thicker tread that’s braid too as a device is interesting as well.

  3. Taking drugs while you're not sick. Getting surgery when you're not dying…I'm thinking in the quest for optimal living people are missing the joy of not needing to take medicine or undergo surgery

  4. This isn't biohacking just because you put a chip inside you doesn't make that biohacking. This is like saying you seen someone's password to Facebook and you use it, and you call that hacking.

  5. As this develops, it opens up a world of possibilities. Especially in gaming and virtual reality. All those childhood dreams of being a superhero can actually be done. If we can control magnetic fields with our hands, the things we could do will never cease to amaze me. However, we will need to undo the trend we humans have of abusing groundbreaking technology. As it grows it will be highly regulated and protected but just maybe we can use this for good.

  6. So keeping yourself cold keeps you young? People live in Alaska and they still age at a regular rate. Like it or not you're gonna get old.

  7. All those supplements Corina and Dirk consume seem to be mostly in synthetic forms that offer low bioavailability. After intravenous, the second-best form is sublingual, liquid and/or spray. Thirdly, it would be powdered. And lastly, capsule or tablet. Neither are overly effective unless the capsule/tablet shell is enteric-coated, chelated and/or whole food/natural, and so on. For this reason, supplementation is difficult for most people to get right – you have to possess the knowledge to apply the science effectively.

  8. Shin guard under your skin? Doesnt work trust me. I got a 15cm plate on my shin and if i hit something with that part of my leg, even if its just my other leg, its crazy painful


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