Meeting between Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and EAM S Jaishankar is currently underway

The meeting between Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and EAM S Jaishankar is currently underway. Russia turns to India for support amid global isolation, he is likely to seek greater trade and defense ties.

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Comment (46)

  1. As none of the major countries, particularly the western countries, is supporting Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Russia is after India to get India's support.

  2. EAM S Jaishankar didn't shake Lavrov's hand, instead showed him where the door was. This guy is good. Respect. 👍

  3. Democratic India supports a war criminal, a paranoid despotic dictator and a Liar!
    Why not Kowtow to China as well? and lose all your credibility!

  4. West blaming the current government. They are not aware that the past indian govts. were communists at core who are still more pro-russia than modi's whole party put together? lol
    Being neutral is something all parties on state and central level agree on.

  5. Looks like birth of PATO (Pacific Alliance Treaty Organization) as we know, China and Russia both approached India and if they bond a treaty we are looking at an equally powerful group of Superpowers in the Pacific Ocean zone, call it PATO. It will be way more powerful than the NATO. That will balance out the power and bring West to its senses.

  6. MY Man Sergei Lavrov, oh Lord all jokes aside, where does he get his suits from ? Who is this man Tailor ? cuz, if your going to run up and down the block, with your hypersonic Missiles, those shoulder pads got to go ! All those beautiful People in Russia, do not deserve this, young men woman, babies and children, mothers…. B the bigger man that we know you can Be

  7. There's no point in lavrov negotiating unless he's willing to negotiate, in other words it's all a show.

  8. Now russia is talking…. why did the war started in the first place ? Why Lavrov and his Boss Putin didnt Talk like this before waging war in Ukrain? Because they are cowards… Goodluck russia never in the future that you will defeat America and the west!

  9. Friendship is a keyword, nothing more nothing less. They care about nothing but robbing India of soft power to put their own interests forward. They wouldn’t think less of throwing their own kids under a bus? They lack the humanitarian abilities and hope they can compensate in a fear campaign and they can’t even do that properly.

  10. India has wisdom and dignity and very smart politicians. US that tried to bull them it will never work.

  11. stand with russia but be prepared to go down with them, dont be jumping ship when its to late.

  12. Russians have killed woman and children and set mines and traps inside peoples houses as they left..Whoever wants to support this mad man Putin deserves to be 6ft under.

  13. given the current situation with Germany, when will countries ever learn that negotiating with autocracies is the dumbest thing to do. please learn the lessons of yesterday before the future of your country is put to risk

  14. very glad to see that india can show good sense in dealing with the russia-ukraine war. wish the same could be said about relations with china.

  15. Call for ICC to issue Putin arrest warrant. Veteran war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte calls for the International Criminal Court to quickly issue an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin over actions in Ukraine.

  16. The way India is handling this matter, if India get in any of China aggression or other nation on its boarders. Friends of China or aggression country should not worry because its all about business and countries interest nothing personal.

  17. what does UK or NATO dogs can give India , no natural resource only death and destructions. India should always remember in History the colonizer genocide 1.8 billions innocents soul

  18. it really is the end of the world it is since 2000 years when jesus first came now is just at its peak, for god 1 thousand years is a second and a second is 1 thousand years! the sign 666 will be keeping sunday as day of worship! you heared me right! the 4th comandement in the ten laws is keep my sabats ,that shall be a sign between me and you, it was refering to the jews, but the bible has 100 precent actuality and 100 precent do as god said no matter the times! the godgiven day of worship the sabath is saturday not sunday! sunday was the first day of the weak, vatican and the popes changed it , claiming they have is autorityn as the pope is god on earth, ruler of heavens earth and hell! now this is the bigest blasphemy somone claiming hes god! the pope already met with all worlds leaders, political-religious-and the 1precent wealthiest people on earth the illuminatis A class luciferian puppets! they met saying they discuss the climate change problem! what happened when jesus was crucified , saying that is better for one man to die than the whole people to be in disagreement, this is text book what will happen these days, youl hear this soon enough,! as inflation and economy, the famens the climate calamities , wile keep growing in intensity, whatever they do it by harpp projects or some ar really god let to happen, as its all predicted in Daniel prophet and apocalypse! the fear the teror the need for a solution will expend, ! all this problems will be blaimed on those who refuse to worship sunday , the sign of the pope, and everything will be blamed on this few people who refuse to bow in front of vatican (sunday)! text book what happened with jesus will happen to those who refuse popes autority who claims he is god, and all this wrath is beacouse this public enemys refuse to listen to him! but lucifer was defeated in heavens, was defeated at the cruce, and will be defeated in the end! for those who understand jesuses died for all sins , and all sinners, no man is reedemed by his deeds but by gods grace, and the holy spirit who strenghtens those who care only about what the bible says , and refuse to worship a man given day! evrything is mad for people to be blind to this: "ego" "music" "brandi love", its all made to sell you a false sense of utopia and comfort, meanwille you neglect this most precious times ever on earth! whoever has bible questions, pls feel free tontext me!


  19. These are truly respectable Statemen who are so compose and talk sense unlike those in US/West whose every word spews hatred and threats.

  20. Jab tak Hamas kuch na kare Israel ko kuch zyada nahin karna chahiye . Main Israel aa kar Hamas ka muskaqil bandobast kar don ga .

  21. Why would anybody listen to this guy anymore after he assured the West these were only operations and not an invasion? I wouldn't believe a word that spews from his mouth!

  22. We in the west will save millions no more support from the west made ur bed lie in it.!!..

  23. Meetings between Great Sergie Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister & Shri S.Jaishanker, External Affairs Minister, India,

  24. What an absolute spineless clown this guy is ! I mean he is literally letting Putin make him into a lying clown he just looks like an enabler of murder of women and children this guy will go to his grave on his knees groveling like aa fool..


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