Menstruous Women shall bring forth monsters

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Comment (37)

  1. WITH ALL DUE RESPECT….Being an YISRAELITE is our nationality. By the way it is yalls too! So I wish y’all would stop with that as if being an YISRAELITE is not what y’all are. That’s just crazy AND CONFUSION. Smh…. Yall sound prejudice towards your own people. PLUS, ALL YISRAELITES ARE NOT DOING ALOT OF THE CRAZY STUFF A MANY ARE DOING ON THE STREETS. So it would be nice if y’all stop saying Hebrew Yisraelites as if we ALL are some sort of wicked people or whatever.

  2. I’ve been a follower of yours for some years now. Since the whited out DVDs I respect you guys. You teach YAHUAH’s word that’s for sure with scripture for the people to see. You also show young couples how family life is suppose to be like when nurturing up children and living for Yahuah in a very clean minded and speech .Thanks for teaching us. I send you to a lot of family members and friends to view your teachings. Keep up the spiritual work, for He is soon to come. We must be ready.

  3. This kind of savage behavior is not found only in Detroit…its very much the same in Jamaica…reckless parenting, vulgarity and leud lyrics from rap and dancehall music is a prime contributor to this behavior

  4. Why not pray for black people everyday at least three times per day. Most channels operated by black people are doing exactly the same things white people do promote black self hate. It’s become a favorite sports played by all. Why not talk about the good things black people are doing like getting married, graduating college, volunteering, saving lives most black people are not committing crimes. What kind of heavenly spirit would encourage behavior that hurt a specific group of people and ignore the group behind their problems. Just pray for black people, why is that so difficult?

  5. Don’t blame the gentiles for what they were created to do. They’re doing their job. It’s time that we do ours.

  6. Brothers and sisters. I would like to give you some info. About the flood. The flood was not global. Remember, the flood was to wipe out the giants on that land. Remember, Christ said we are not to separate the wheat from the tares. Noah let out the dove, the dove found dry land and brought back the olive leaf. No way an olive tree grew in 150 days. The Kenites are the descendant of Cain. How did the Kenites survive if everyone except Noahs family had perished. Judges 1:16 the Kenites, Cains people was a resident in the land of midian. That's why Christ said, you are of your father the devil. He was a murderer from the beginning. Thats Cain. It goes even deeper family. Cain was the serpant satans son. Thats why Cain is not in the geneology. Not because he killed his brother, but because hes not the bloodline of Christ. This is real life. Even Paul says, we have turned Gods words into fables. Fables are fairy tales. We believe an actual snake was talking to Eve, and gave her an 🍎. Thats not biblical. The fruit was the fruit of her loins. Satan impregnated her, then she goes to Adam and tells and shows what Satan had done. She has sex with Adam and gave birth to twins. Which happens now, women having babies by to different men. Satan thought he was gonna destroy that blood line. But the most high was a step ahead. This is real life. Not a fairy tale book. If the Kenites, Cains people all died under water, where does cains descendants come from? Animals would have to migrate from Alaska on down to come on the Ark. Polar Bears, and other cold exotic animals. It was only the animals from Africa that was on the ark.

  7. I love watching your videos. I totally agree I been saying the same thing black men need to take their rightful place as head. Until then the family structure will continue to be out of alignment. It has to begin with the men. All to long the black men are blaming black women for the position they are in. Many black women are tired of it. This been going on since Adam. He blamed the woman and God. When will this end.

  8. They aren’t monsters but the demons need to be cast out and dealt with. Yashua cast out the enemy within because we wrestle not with flesh and blood 🩸

  9. jc in latin means earth pig and the devil knows that when people call that name they worshiping swine, no wonder y the police killin so called christians….

  10. If your pastor in your church ever taught about chastised your children thumbs up if he taught or thumbs down this comment

  11. Y'all lost me at 1:30:05 ….. Yeshua advised his deciples to in Luke 22 36 to sell a garment and purchase a sword if you don't have one….that sword is not for buttering bread my friend …. there's a season for everything … Moses sent 318 of his armed servants to go retrieve Lott who was kidnapped ….I have an issue with whosoever don't follow The Savior Yeshua word blatantly.

  12. I'll have to disagree with y'all on this one. Women can't physically hurt men mostly. But, the way women can hurt men is far more monstrous than a physical strike.

  13. It doesn't matter what she did there is no excuse and even if she did something like as bad as murder you do not take the law into your own hands!!!


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