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Comment (26)

  1. The moderators are awesome. Some days they have their work cut out for them, but they handle it! Shout out to Sister Cassandra for always welcoming us by name(screen handle). 💜

  2. Thank You All Family for Allowing Us to be Moderators!! HalleluYah!! It's an Privilege to Work for YAH and You All Family!!

  3. Aww, that is great! I love the hoodies! Are those available for purchase in your store??? Be blessed! 💜

  4. NEVER have Biblical Tea as your moderator. She is anti the words of YAH. She is poisonus. You will lose subscribers.

  5. I’m praying that you all create an easy to understand, one year Bible for young teens and children🙏🏾🖤✊🏿🥰
    Sweatshirts are really cute.

  6. People, understand the calling of Watchman. I am in SA, Yah has revealed Watchman's calling to me. Please do not be playful and think Watchman is calling Israelites only. All are called to know the truth. Times are bad and if you are not walking on this thin path, you will fall over. Yah bless you brother Watchman Yahu and sister Deborah Yah. Pay Attention!!!!

  7. We cannot emphatically thank all the moderators one by one, but we do really appreciate your time and efforts in helping this ministry…..To sister Cassandra for her role in greeting all that comes to the chat room…May Yahuah Baruch you all…..Thank you !!!.

  8. Shalom Yasharahla 😍🎺🦋 I couldn't get the email to go through. I will contact you in a different way with my information. Blessing to you All 🥰🎺

  9. This is how I like to see you two. Setting a good example of unity and cooperation in a family union.

  10. Hey family. Was wondering wen I'm fasting for ten days just drinking water. Is it ok to eat at all or no???


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