Michio Kaku Exposed promoting Merging with Computers Transhumanist Agenda


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  1. Excellent video, Michio Kaku is the biggest pretender in modern science, he is a holly-wood sci-fi brain washing deceiver shill to the core!!!! It makes me so happy and pleased to see more and more people waking up to this kind of corporate owned sophist and making videos critical of this NWO shill puppet. Peace and Much Love to you Brother!!!!!

  2. DaCrippledGamer, truly your mind, heart and soul are crippled. I wish you much healing, and I hope that one day your eyes will see, and your ears will hear the truth. Until then, good luck on your journey and may you grow from your current state of total delusion and ignorance into greater and greater knowing of the truth.

  3. Don't try to justify yourself by claiming you are a Christian. If you were a TRUE christian you would have discernment which you prove you have very little of. What kind of Christian would call themselves DaCrippled Gamer,…and what kind of Christian would say "Fuck off and have a shit day." All I can say is that I have truly had a blessed and joyous day!!!! And I really feel sad for you, have a better time you poor sorry Crippled little baby boiy!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. I don't get it you promote antimatter powered starships and at the same time you are concerned about transhumanism. Can't you see that mankind would use their spaceships to spread transhumanism throughout the universe just like the Borg do in Star Trek?


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