Michio Kaku: Future of Humans, Aliens, Space Travel & Physics | Lex Fridman Podcast #45

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  1. I really enjoyed this conversation with Michio. Here's the outline:
    0:00 – Introduction
    1:14 – Contact with Aliens in the 21st century
    6:36 – Multiverse and Nirvana
    9:46 – String Theory
    11:07 – Einstein's God
    15:01 – Would aliens hurt us?
    17:34 – What would aliens look like?
    22:13 – Brain-machine interfaces
    27:35 – Existential risk from AI
    30:22 – Digital immortality
    34:02 – Biological immortality
    37:42 – Does mortality give meaning?
    43:42 – String theory
    47:16 – Universe as a computer and a simulation
    53:16 – First human on Mars

  2. a bible god deff disappears when you think about it. there must've been a state that allowed for both beauty and messy. we have to look at what could cause a divine-like process without the need for a bible god and then try to imagine what that would look like… because a bible god is not responsible.

    maybe a flat nothing and divine events happening everywhere. we're not special.

  3. As a child, and to this day, I’ve always been inquisitive. When I was ten, while on my way to the park with my hyper-religious father, I asked him, “why are we here?” He replied, “stop asking stupid questions”. Home was my Junior High.

  4. I dont think squirrels are aware that there could be super intellegent beings. But we do. I think aliens would pay attention. We have lots to offer. Our culture.

  5. Tbh it sounds rehearsed and like he’s giving a speech because he is, he’s not really listening or adjusting to Lex at all. Not the best conversationalist.

  6. 50:08 Yeah but that computer is SOMEWHERE, so that still doesn't get to the real problem of this being a simulation. If this is a simulation, then there's something outside of that simulation and that simulation (eventually) lies in a reality where it's not a simulation. Therefore, I find debating this idea of being in a simulation to be pointless because eventually you get to the end of the simulation and into reality.

  7. the short Grays are part organic and part other…. and they are the property of the tall Grays who use the little ones in dangerous tasks (like piloting their little ships that have crashed) or as pets. Listen to the EBE who testified to the attending Navy nurse whose spiel is on the Web.

  8. How would a Brain-net not be dominated by the social media cartel and used to telepathically engineer our consent? In a free world, in equilibrium, telepathic communication ought to inspire huge positive transformations in human society. Our current society as it actually exists is stratified by class and dominated by multinational corporations and financial capital. Capital will seek to coopt a brain-net the same way it did with the internet. The prospects are rather grim when you look at it that way.

  9. I think it's too optimistic to just include the amount of stars and exoplanets and not mention Circumstellar Habitable Zone and the time it took for our planet's birth to our species understanding of the cosmos, and to our current development in technology.
    Include that in your equation Mr "HEY LOOK LOOK THE GLASS IS HALF FULL!!!".
    Me: Who the fuck drank the first half?

  10. We are so goddamn naive when trying to understand the unknown life of the cosmos.
    If OUR most powerful organisms on the planet is using it's OWN species for it's own good, why the f would evolution on another planet turn "good".
    We are the perfect evidence of what to expect from contact with aliens.
    Stories about abduction, probing, analyzing, but very discretely and secretly, gee where the f have I seen that before?
    They see us, evaluated that we have atom bombs "minor threat" but not intergalactic travel, not even travel worth mentioning to their superiors.
    So we have nothing of value to them, except materials that we don't know what is valuable to them, If we had it, they would have gotten it already.
    We are a complex fun little antfarm for them.

  11. " We are the borgs ! Surrender ! We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated !"(1)
    No, thanks !
    Maybe professor Michio Kaku is looking forward to merge with the Borg collective, but I don't think that is what Men should ever do. On the contrary, Men should constantly develop their intellectual abilities to become more and more intelligent, more conscious, and always lot more than machines or even cyborgs that we might create. We progress by making the right choices in always harder situations: think to climate change, depletion of resources, overpopulation on a limited habitable area on Earth, how challenging for mankind is today. Why people are so interested in space exploration ? Not only to satisfy their own curiosity, but to explore Men's limits, to test both our physical and intellectual faculties. And even looking outside the Earth have sometimes learned Men new solutions to Earth's problems…
    I think humanity is very far from having reached its intellectual potential. We know a lot of things, but we are generally still quite an immature and unconscious species. I really hope that the race of Men towards a hypothetical artificial intelligence will not regress their innate faculties. But I afraid it has already started in some places.
    For God's sake, brothers and sisters never forget that you are also souls !!! The choice that you make will always be yours !

    (1) inspired from "Star trek first contact", one of the best Star trek movies (the time travel thing aside), with an unforgettable and epic interpretation of the role of Captain Jean Luc Picard by Patrick Stewart.

    P.S. : A good alternative candidate to string theory to unify the general relativity theory and quantum physics is the loop quantum gravity theory, a very convincing one by the way.

  12. You sound like a nervous undergraduate interviewing his professor. Why are you podcasting? You have no charisma, you talk in a monotone voice, and your feedback is ill-informed. ….There are highschool students that could do a better job.

  13. You really can’t say that aliens would not be interested in anything the earth has to offer. That implies we know everything about everything about the way this planet operates, and we don’t. As we get deeper into the natural laws of the universe, we may indeed find there is something unique about this planet or possibly another planet.

  14. The one continuous flaw in this man’s thinking, is that he assumes we are much further along in understanding the laws of nature than we are, Einstein was wise enough to look at things from the perspective that our current knowledge of the universe might be the equivalent to making judgments about all of the water on earth from a single cup of water taken from the shore of an ocean.

  15. This podcast has opened up my mind and answered around 80% of the questions I have regarding space. Thanks a lot for this amazing talk. On the other note when I see the like and dislike section……… How can this podcast get 2.2k dislikes (Date – Jun 16, 2021). Wait…… is it because this podcast proves most of our religious concepts are flawed, false, fake. 🤣🤣🤣

  16. "Do the math" yeah…. why don't you read Tipler and Barrow 'The Anthropic Cosmological Principle', they actually did the math. Just because a number of planets seems big doesn't mean it results in enough planets for aliens(it doesn't), as Tipler and Barrows concluded. Double the time of the universe and only one life form could've risen from evolution. Pure Science Fiction Mr Kaku


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