Migrant boat capsizes of Lebanon, Lebanese officials rescue 50 migrants | World News | WION

A migrant boat carrying 60 sank off Lebanon. The army had closed off the port and allowing entry only to ambulances. Lebanese officials have rescued 50 migrants and the navy is looking for more survivors.

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Comment (25)

  1. Anybody else notice the fact that hunger, poverty and suffering is plaguing a bunch of countries that are predominately Muslim

  2. We are the end times of the world the day of noa ark and sodom and gamorah.jesus is coming repent is not too late act 3:19. 7 plagues o 7 salots tulad covid 19 panahon ni moises. war romors of war o word war3,famaine o tagutom na walang makain kahit sa dagat at sa lupa kc infected o ubos lahat ay na gutom ang buong mndo, earthquake lahat ng bansa,all volcano will erapted at masmatindi na kalamidad sa panahon ni noa. Just pray before it too late. Pray mula sa puso hndi mula sa isip kc ang isip curapted because jesus is coming.mathew 24:1-51 rapture

  3. Why the migrants always go to Europe??
    What about Saudia Arabia, kuwait and emirates ??? These are super rich country. They can easily take all Muslims migrants

  4. Zelensky wants victims to get support for his war. Why not surrender like France in WW2? Save towns & soldiers lives

  5. Every country which was Christian or Hindu, allows they self to accept migrants from religion of pieces, now are shitholes

  6. You should talk about the largest scamming call centers In Kolkata, West Bengal trying to scam innocent people. India is one of the biggest scamming countries in the world

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    I invite you to the Religion of Islam, as you may find peace.
    💎Islam💎 is the latest revelation from The Almighty Allah (God) for the humankind worldwide.
    If you die as a non-Muslim there'd be an eternal punishment in the hell fire for other religions will be invalid and it'll have consequences.
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  8. Wow i didn't expect these type of comments i am really disgusted, these are humans despite the religion and race . Lebanon is currently living in the worst conditions ,people are dying of hunger . We have allot of corruption we need to make a change stop defending your political or religious beliefs we Lebanon need to stand together and stop hating each other otherwise we will fall even more into this man made hole


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