Milk is a Lie

The Real Reason We Drink Cow’s Milk
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Ever wonder why your mom made you drink so much milk as a kid? Turns out the answer is a lie.

Btw we recently experimented with a new map only format to tell the story of the US government meddling in other countries. Check it out and let me know if you like it and we’ll do more!

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Comment (24)

  1. You could literally produce one of the most interesting videos ever by doing the same thing with COFFEE (or caffeine) and it's magic powers pushed by huge corporations and lobbies and all the things going on behind the scenes and the history of it. That would be incredible. There are entire subreddits (decaf) on reddit where people drop caffeine and their lives make a 180 degree turn. It's not as magic as it's shown to be. Please think about it! We could really use an objective look on the whole thing.

  2. Have you worked or investigated into Pyramid Schemes? Such as transAmerican life Insurance agencies? I had an experience of going to one of these “job interviews” and finding out that it was all a scheme, but felt bad cause there were so so many people that were tricked in, working, and others waiting to be interviewed.

  3. as a European I find it very absurd that Americans drink milk out of huge plastic canisters. In Germany, we use such for fluids like petrol, coolant, antifreeze or the liquid for the windshield wiper. I never ONCE saw ANY grocery in a freaking CANISTER. Honestly, If I went to the US not knowing that you guys keep fckn milk in these canisters, I would probably wonder why you keep antifreeze in your kitchen. Like, these canisters don't even have labels on them, wtf? How do I even know what's in it then?

  4. This video is interesting, but I don't feel like it's this dystopian conspiracy between Big Dairy and the government that you're suggesting.

    Lobbyists from every corporation and sector of industry have got their grubby fingers in government funding with skewed research to protect them. Just look at the multibillion dollar bailouts for the airline industry that happen every few years, and Big Pharma's efforts to keep Americans fat and unhealthy to push more medicine. Look at the profits of Norfolk Southern, the logistics of trains, and why the government is trying so hard to downplay the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, which is on track (no pun intended) to possibly become the worst ecological and human health disaster in US history.

    I learned a lot of new interesting facts from your video, but milk is actually a super food that provides everything you need. Mammals live exclusively on milk for their first few months, for a reason. You showed how Big Milk and the government subsidize dairy research, like it's a bad thing, but then never explained why it was bad (btw, nearly all research is subsidized by the government and/or corporations).

    You make great content, including this video, but the tone felt much more doom and gloom than the evidence you provided. I recommend your videos to people all the time, and I hope you keep doing what you do.


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