Mitch McConnell: REPARATIONS? Barack Obama’s election PAID for our forefathers ‘sin of slavery’

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19 Jun 2019 – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he opposes paying reparations for slavery, arguing “none of us currently living are responsible” for what he called America’s “original sin.”


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  1. The disingenuous hubris and arrogance is beyond sickening. If he REALLY feels that way, then perhaps he will vote to cut off ALL AID to Israel. I seriously doubt that would happen.

  2. No I shouldn't say that, but he has to answer to the most high for his sins one day, but he truly don't care because he knows that he made the deal with the devil.

  3. I watched almost the intire House discussion today on bill HR-20 and while of course I'm not surprised by these reactions I want my family to know that it's YAH that is hardening their hearts. Just like Pharoh refused to acknowledge His people and let them go their stubborness is only fuel for the fires that are already on these shores. I pray that we are vigilant and sensitive to the Holy Spirit especially here in the U.S.

    Make sure you have food and water and essential items in surplus in your homes…especially with all these black outs going on. I love you all and I can't wait to see every last one of you in the kingdom.


  4. I don't think Obama had relatives of slavery. His dad was Kenyan yes however he didn't grow up listening to horrific stories from moms and grandparents about what they had to endure. What we still endure daily. He doesn't have history to that. He became their lovely puppet. Mitch McConnell needs to retire and his "thoughts" are irrelevant. Slavery didn't end, it's just mental and emotional now as well as unjust. Their need for supremacy is sickening.

  5. He's an ignorant-ass WS, so why even entertain anything he says? Like having a black president makes up for the brutality his forefathers inflicted, feeding our babies to alligators, and having no pity on the young or the elderly! His ass is STILL benefiting from slavery, but we don't deserve reparations? Fuck you, Mitch McConnell!

  6. I enjoy listening to the thoughts of a fool and his foolish thinking. Even the Scriptures tell us not to even bother answering one. They have no idea as to the judgment that the Most Highyah is going to bring against them for payment of the way they have treated His people.

  7. Yahuah has hardened their hearts but don't fret my Israelite Brothers and Sisters, We will be very handsomely compensated. Whether they like it or not, they WILL PAY REPARATIONS because Yahuah ain't going to let them get away with the tremendous evil things they have done to His Chosen People. And when they pay, they will be more than happy to pay it and then some.

  8. Wow , The hypocrisy!! This Country stole millions of people unwillingly from their country. Those monsters raped, burned, hang, pillaged robbed ,murdered, disfigured also did all kinds of unnatural atrocities to men /women and children. America has paid reparations to as much as I think 15-20 countries! Reparations to the Holocaust survivors, that didn’t even happen in America! It’s a shame the same people that help to build this country you have not even an ounce of respect! And all the money that these families have made off of the blood and sweat of the black men and women is despicable. But what’s even more despicable you can’t even find occupied land in America to give descendants of the former slaves! America has a lot of land with nobody on it that they can give to black families 2 acres you don’t even have to give 40 acres! The United States should be ashamed of themselves!

  9. No Mitch, we have to enslave you and your descendants for 400 years then follow it up with Jim crow and segregation + police brutality then both sides can say you paid for the sins of your forefathers

  10. What is this fool saying , what belong to your foreparents is no longer belong to the generation that comes after because your foreparents had died? They took black people by against their will and brought them from their native land which is Africa to come and work free to build this country while the white men abused them at the same time, Mitch McConnell you need to stop being racist with your face looking like it into a vise grip.

  11. He is a liar we need to storm and surround the UN, that is why they assassinated Malcolm, because he was going to put the UN on notice of all the rape murder manipulation the terror that this country has done to The Originals of this Earth and Lands

  12. I sure hope many of us including myself the most high yah allow us to live to see him fry lives and see him especially picked up and placed into the valley of megiddo and fried right before I I I hope we see this Mayo Podiatry one the only chapter 1 through 21 especially verse 15, Psalms 83 8 through 18, Joel 3, and many of the verses on judging the evil Wicked because this man is demented, evil, Wicked, probate Mack reprobate mind, sick, I pray I hope I see him fry because he hates us like it said in Leviticus 26:17? He who bare rule over you, shall hate you?! Or he who hates you shall bear rule over you.
    THANKYouSoMuch! For especially doing this one.
    Already posted it in messenger…

  13. I am Choctaw, Irish, African American and Caucasian. My parents would be 116, and 100, this year, All of my ancestors, except The Native Americans, came here since the 1600s. Some came because they wanted, Major John Welch in 1640. My Maternal Grandfather's family, from Dover England. Some came against their will, I believe from Panama, and Liberia for Slaves. My ancestors went through Slavery, Jim Crow, among other terrible things. I was born in 1953, so I've seen alot with my siblings as well. WE NEED TO FACE THE PAST. We also were terrible to Our Japanese Americans. Oh and we needed the Choctaws for code talking. We use people, then abuse, people. What happened to the Golden Rule Mr. Speaker? We are being terrible, for the Mexican, and Latin countries now. I grew up during the 60s,and 70s, I thought the World would be different now, for my Children and Grandchildren. It seems like were going backwards. Just because we Elected President. Obama, does not pay for all the hurt we've done. He was the most Qualified. If we elect a Native American President, that won't make up for all the broken treaties, and Promises to Native Americans. So I don't agree with your statement at all.

  14. Hey I just want to tell you that I really enjoy watching your channel. You teach me so much that I thought I knew about history but, I see that I still have a lot to learn. In closing can you please do a story about the the Devil's Punchbowl?

  15. No one was responsible for Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbour. However, they were paid and given an apology for the newclear bombing of their two cities by the USA. If they started the war with the USA and got compensated, then I do not see why the descendants of slaves in the USA should not be compensated. After all those people did no harm to the USA for them to have been forced Labour! Those slaves went through horrific harm and disfigurement only because people at that time in history wanted to use people for profit and had the Government siding with them. Through the generations those people went through hell including forcibly not being educated.

    It’s time the descendants are compensated. They want respect as the Japanese got theirs even though they were in the wrong. Give them their money. It’s time. Thank you!

  16. GENESIS 15:13-14 KJV

    13 And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy SEED shall be a a STRANGER in a land that is not theirs, and shall SERVE them; and they shall shall AFFLICT THEM FOUR HUNDRED YEARS;

    14 And also that NATION, whom they shall SERVE, will I JUDGE: and AFTERWARD shall THEY come out with great GREAT SUBSTANCE.


  17. Oh you do you got to go to judgement for all you do you going to pay just like out ancestors paid you going to pay yeah I don't care about what you think and what you feel what he said you will pay one way or the other Get Ready Get Ready Our Father it's coming back to get his children are you going to pay what you did to his children

  18. Here's how I know repentance works:
    1. By making the subject of repentance aware of the fact that there is a current and eternal justice system.
    2. Repent voluntarily, you may be forgiven and required to make amends so that you don't repeat the error.
    3. The longer you take not repenting; the harder it gets for you to realize that such works against you.
    4. Now facing the consequences of not repenting makes you either ashamed or angry and rebellious.
    5. Shameful sorrow can land you a restoration chance but anger and rebellion leads to destruction.
    John 16:21 A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world.

  19. Seeing all the affliction that is endured especially by black people in this world; if I was not hoping for GOD to save my soul with HIS right hand into eternal life;
    I'd otherwise be sincerely and humbly asking GOD to help make me serve HIM as a vessel of dishonour on HIS left hand, even to be number among the devils to bring about HIS wrath on the subjects of wrath including myself, so that I do not waste my time being aimlessly and fruitlessly angry at GOD to no avail; provided I found grace to even request this of course.

    It is with the hope I have in "The Word of God" that I can afford to tolerate ignoring the willful ignorant because I myself hope to attain that which I do not deserve and therefore all I do is best pray that GOD helps me not get dragged down into the folly of those that love their foolishness; and should I fall I pray that GOD lifts me up and never leaves me nor forsake me in my wretchedness.

  20. I want your head and kick it with it reverse slavery is party time rejoice slaves of da most high he wil jugde dont be afraid of fa slaves be afraid fear his words of da most high


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