Mom Update 1 Year Later

Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Will be praying for you and your family that鈥檚 terrible. There are some evil ppl out there smh. Didn鈥檛 know your mother suffered a stroke so sorry to hear

  2. With you in prayer dear brother and sister. Your not to give up the fight. That old enemy wants you defeated but it ain't gonna happen. Keep trusting in the Most High. He will bring you through this tough situation. 馃檹

  3. Brethren, I swear your father/ family members and mines are related. That generation can not go possess the land, [ they're ] defective defective that's why [ they ] have to drop on this side, so we the younger ones can go and rightful possess the land. Too much Egypt is within them. They've not tear down their scared calf which [ they ] built in the wilderness, do u c how [ they ] could build it so perfectly n [ they ] never carried it on they shoulder, because it was in [ they ] HEARTS. Its So good that [ they] will be left on this side and the children will go to possess the land. Nuff respect bredda

  4. Sorry to know this is what you are facing brother. Praying for you and yours TCA. Indeed the harvest is close, keep representing YAH to the fullest.

    The wicked will not prosper….

  5. I'm very saddened how our own family's will do us. I have something like that in my family. My own sister the oldest she is a mean one my mom's is old an she takes advantage of her $$$$. I travel so much I'm my mom's only son I have 7 sisters not all but 3 of them are stealing from my mother my mother tells me she's scared if her daughters so I travel back from time to time to make sure she's ok but it's not enough I'm not in the same state it's jus MADDNESS. I'm so sorry to hear this and yes they will reap.鉂わ笍馃尮馃檹馃従

  6. Tca you're brother is evil too why cant he give you ur mother,s no .im sure he must be having contacts with her .that evil stepfather is a dead crow just talking out his mouth i just cannot say what i want on utube they love to block coments but the most high see,s and knos all things.keep doing what u do best yahawah got ur back..

  7. Ahch I think I shared my history with wicked family members the last time..Very sad but these are the last some point we have to be prepared to detach from parents, so called friends , and even children for this truth…that's what this about my brother when you get down to it..

    even if that wicked dude didn't like you from the beginning they feel entitled and emboldened because your truth is something else to them!! He has this truth that the world don't overstand to use against you..I had to detach from them all and leave it in Yahawah's hands..(Isiah 54:17)


  8. Truly disturbing situation, it is very sad. You have a chance to do things better with your own nuclear family, that is a gift. The best thing to do is three days and pray psalms and let The Creator Most High handle it 馃檹馃従馃挏

  9. TCA 鈥t truly pains me to hear this. The best advice I can give you is this (Remember YAHVAH CAN DO ALL THINGS) Pray and fast until you hear a word from TMH YAH. HE is with you and knows your every concern and hears your cry. You MUST consult YAH diligently. I will pray for you and your family. May YAH bless you and keep you; and may you be highly favored. Much love to you brother.

    Your Sister in Zion,

  10. Wow Bro TCA just 2 nights ago your mom's situation ran across my mind , I wondered what had happened to her.Thanks for the update. Because we love you we care about her. May The Most High keep you and your mom in his hands.APPTMH Yah.

  11. I would want to die!! If someone blocked me from seeing my mom!
    And, attitude wouldn鈥檛 be nice daughter, at all…
    I do hope your mom is better .
    But, how can she be when the most important part of her recovery, is blocked, 鈥測ou鈥 and the 鈥済rands鈥

  12. I wrote on a gms video long ago on my old channel and said some black men are lawless in what they do to Hebrew women and give first hand accounts with a family member of mines and none of them dogs responded because they knew it was true. Just because yr a Hebrew/black don鈥檛 make you righteous man or woman. My heart 鈾ワ笍 is with you tca I do understand why your vexed. No one should ever do that to a family member that鈥檚 clearly a narcissistic mentality. Pease keep the faith TCA and my TMH Yah guide your mother to better health and to see though that wicked man she鈥檚 with.

  13. For spirits as those it calls for Prayer and Fastiing while reading passages associated with the demon and/or witchcraft. I'll keep you in prayer. My sisters teamed up on me and Yah had them at each other's throats. I believe they are still at odds. I took care of my Mum till she passed. She was not alone. Love you Brother TCA.

  14. Stay strong bruv, the most high Yah will eventually clear this up for you bruv, I am sure that a lot of people are praying for you and your family bruv馃檹

    All praises to the most high Yah 馃檹

  15. All praises, glory, honor and obedience to The Most High Yah. Brew TCA, you, your mom and your family are always in my prayers. I consider you as my family 鈾ワ笍and I feel your pain. It is a sin to keep a child from their mother. My mom has Alzheimer鈥檚. I live in a different state. Her EVIL husband who just recently passed away did everything he could to keep me from talking to my mom. And to make a long story short, I am searching for a Elder Law attorney as I write this. My mom鈥檚 niece who she is living with by her husband鈥檚 doing, my moms brother and one of my mom鈥檚 cousins have all colluded to keep me from getting my mom. And it was initiated by my mom鈥檚 now deceased husband. He did everything he could to keep me from my mom. What does it say about a man who only have 7 people at his funeral and his own daughter was not one of them by her choice? And the only attendees were his wife and her family members who had absolutely no love for him. Now the cousin that my mom is living is trying to prevent my mom from talking to me. What do they have to gain from doing this? My mom鈥檚 money. As always I will continue to keep you, your mom and your own family in my prayers. But as you stated they will reap what they are sowing because they all have children and grandchildren. The Most High is always with you and I pray that he will send the comforter to alleviate your pain and heart break. Because, it is painful and heartbreaking for anyone to have go through this. Much love and respect my brother. And may The Most High continue to bless you and yours. Shalom!馃挏鈾ワ笍馃挋馃馃檶馃従馃敟馃寛馃晩

  16. THIS PAINS me SO SO GREATLY…i DON'T UNDERSTAND THE EVIL OF OUR PEOPLE HAVING BEEN THROUGH SOOO MUCH FROM OUR FOREFATHERS UNTIL THIS DAY STILL…i COMPLETELY SYMPATHIZE AND EMPATHIZE…my HEART BLEEDS TEARS FOR OUR PEOPLE BECAUSE NOTHING WILL BE RIGHT UNTILL OUR MASHIACH COMES BACK…i pray for you as well as others that are doing through this darkness and pain of those who are enthralled with the narcissism of those within their biological makeup…i am deeply saddened for you…Please stay strong and be encouraged in the will of YAH…i know at times it is easier said than done but know that you encourage sooo many with your studies and teachings…THEY ALL AS WELL AS THOSE WHO DESIRE TO WALK IN THE WAY OF THE ANCIENT PATH WILL REAP WHAT THEY/ WE SOW…Much of His grace mercy shalom and blessings be with you and your family…Shalom!

  17. You are in my thoughts and prayers and Mommy too and I am praying for the others hearts to be softened and for TMH to show them their sins.That situation provokes many emotions!

  18. Im so sorry this is happening to you. Can you not take this to court? You have him communicating a threat and your her son being withheld visitation. Let the most high judge righteous on your behalf and those who bless you be bless let those who curse you be curse.

  19. TCA I was wondering how your mom is doing? This is heartbreaking and disturbing to see and hear. I feel sorry for the people who are doing this to you. I'm not the Judge but The Most High is he knows and see all. He knows what your being put through. Stay strong and stay encouraged all that's in the dark will come to light.


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