Since mom’s near fatal stroke her family have blocked me from making contact ‘in her interest’ which is really to safeguard themselves from the truth coming out of their mistreatment to her son.

Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. This is a sad situation. Not knowing both sides truth my prayers are for you all. Trust and believe Yah will get the glory out of every situation.
    Matthew 12:50 For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother.

  2. This is crazy brother, I didnt have a clue, your mother is definitely not in good hands when it comes to this clown! The truth about peoples character always seems to come out in times of stress, this guy is definitely exposing himself, stay strong brother!!!! Bless!! Levi here!!!!

  3. That is so disgusting on his part! He had a mother. She had you before him! The Most High will handle him in due time! He will know and feel what he's done to you! Praying for you and your Mom!

  4. Shalom brother TCA,so sorry u have to go through this, such wicked people they will be judged by there deeds! I can't understand haw u ceep a son from his mother????.I pray that TMHY strengthens ur spirit and ceeps u strong!Halleluyah! And may ur mum make a quick recovery!hallelujah!and that both of u are reunited soon!halleluYAH!sending peace,much love& blessings to u and yours.

  5. Thats some foul shit man.. i be scared to leave my mother, cause I'm the only man of the family. Aint no one gonna love my fam like I can and take care of them str8 up.

  6. Can you call the hospital and let them know your her son and get an update? I dont know, things in the usa are a little different. But maybe call the nurses station. And tell them to let your mom know your worried about her and praying she will be ok. Sometimes the nurses will do that for you. Tell them that the step father won't give you any updates on your moms condition or let you speak to her.

  7. Brew, your faith is being tested. As hard as it may be sometimes, we gotta let go and trust TMH with our requests. That means Entirely letting go in the natural realm…allowing for the spiritual realm to manifest "HIS Will be done." Your moms' husband is dangerously toxic and unfortunately he may have the law on his side. Do You for your wife and those looking to you, and allow time to do what its going to do. I am 70 years old and believe me…things always work for the best for those who trust TMH. Leave dude alone and keep sowing seeds as you do. Your work is truly appreciated by many. Shout out all the way from SoCal! Shalawam

  8. May TMH build a hedge of protection around you and your family…no weapon (seen or unseen) shall prosper. I pray this in the precious blood of the living word that came down to teach us his ways. Then laid down his life and was hung on a tree to redeem us of our sins. Remember the battle is not your, its TMH. Walk by faith not by sight. We are all one so you have family in prayer.

  9. Hes been jealous of your Father because you are the seed of a man that was before him and children get the backlash of this jealousy….SHAME ON HIM he needs to grow the heck up!!!

  10. Wow, my mom was taking good care of my uncle and other family members took him from her, took him out of his own home and put in ( poor house) that's what we call it in the carribbean, He died within a week, now they control all his property.

  11. Bro! I couldnt hear this good the first time. This dude sound like he straight out of a movie. Ach I will definitely pray for your situation. I wont say all the stuff Im inclined to say so I will end with that. They on some ol bs tho man. Straight like that!!!

  12. Shalom achi. I know it's a common phrase but stay encouraged. All who do the work of Yah are or will be tested. I understand the pressure. You and a few others keep me grounded as I teach as well.

    If you need anything, understand that you have additional family across the waters. Yah baraq mishpacha.

  13. Sorry to hear you are still dealing with this… Yah willing she will recover, but she can't be stressed with this drama. May TMH give you all the strength and endurance you need doing these difficult times TCA.


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