Morgellons – Harald Kautz Vella Speaks Morgellons Watch This video first – English

Harald Kautz Vella Speaks Morgellons – English

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  1. Yes, wearing the same mask for more than two days will grow Aspergillus Fumagates and pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. Research that I am about to post in a couple of weeks provides evidence these two pathogens work together in a biofilm that is drug resistant and difficult to test via labs. Both pathogens are found in Covid-19, Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes pneumonia. Studies show they work together keeping each other in balance. For example, if pseudomonas tries to take over the host, Aspergillus Fumagates releases mycotoxins to kill and control pseudomonas. It also works in reverse. Both of these pathogens are hard to identify in testing. Both can become very invasive and take over organs of the body. The medical establishment and leading scientists have been declaring super bugs for more than 30 years. Well, complicated biofilm diseases is now here. These invasive organisms shut down the innate immune system. The innate immune system is what controlled these bacteria and fungi from being able to colonize/attach and become invasive. When these opportunistic pathogens tried to colonize and or become pathogenic, our innate immune system would immediately attack and stop the bacteria and or fungi with an overwhelming immune response. This would become an ear ache (pseudomonas aeruginosa is what causes most earaches). When the innate immune system is hi jacked, there is no major immune response. There is no extreme earache. You feel like it is almost an earache but goes away shortly and is replaced with a feeling itches and or something that is crawling. Now you feel the bacteria and fungi move and travel as part of a phenomenon called a bacterial swarm. They have flagella and move in a coordinated process with hundreds to thousands of bacteria which creates a feeling something is crawling. That is why sometimes our nose itches so bad because you feel like something is moving. Well it is, bacteria via swarm phenomenon is what you feel. Also, when the innate immune system is functioning Aspergillus Fumagates is immediately stopped from colonizing. But when the innate immune system is hi jacked, it will colonize and grow hyphae and mycelium that pushes thru the tissue again giving a sensation like something is crawling. In addition to these two issues, our body’s keratinocytes and melanocytes become dysfunctional causing new keratinocytes to form along with growing modified hair which we recognize as fibers. The pseudomonas aeruginosa and Aspergillus Fumagates will occupy these fibers to scavenge zinc, iron and disulfide bonds. Ordinary hair does not fluorescent under black lights. However, hairs and skin fibers will fluorescent under black lights if they are infected with Aspergillus Fumagates and or pseudomonas aeruginosa. All Morgellon’s fibers fluorescence under black light therapy. Morgellon’s fibers have been proven to contain keratin, collagen and alginate. There is only one bacteria that has aliginate in its cell wall…..Pseudomonas Aeruginosa! I am confident the research is going to prove Morgellon’s is the result of complicated biofilm diseases as the result of invasive bacteria and invasive fungi that shut down and hijack the immune system. The two most responsible pathogens are going to be Aspergillus Fumagates and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. Remember, biofilm diseases create very complicated environments that could house as many as 100 different bacteria and fungi according to studies.

  2. Morgellon’s is a complex biofilm disease that has invasive fungi and invasive bacteria. The two main pathogens are Aspergillus Fumagates and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. Recent studies have also found these two pathogens are the cause of Autism. Recent studies also show these two pathogens to be found together in Cystic Fibrosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Lyme and many more. Biofilm diseases are going to have multiple bacteria, parasites and fungi That is why Lyme disease is now finding many more bacteria causing Lyme. Studies and experts believe many of these biofilm diseases could have as many as a 100 different bacteria.

    In lyme it use to be all borellia. Today there are approximately 8-12 different pathogens allegedly causing Lyme with new ones being identified yearly. The latest findings in Morgellon’s is that 100% of all Morgellon’s patients for Dr. Ginger Savely (one of the top Morgellon’s experts in the world) test positive for the HLAR genes that represent extreme sensitivity to mold and or fungi. She also mentioned that all of the fibers from Morgellon’s patients will fluorescence under a black light. Both Aspergillus and pseudomonas will fluorescence under a black light. Another expert proclaimed that studies indicate Morgellon’s fibers have keratin, collagen and alginate. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the only invasive bacteria that will fluorescence under a black light that has alginate in its makeup. Both Aspergillus Fumagates and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa are also shapeshifting pathogens that can colonize as a l-form cell wall deficient liquid format.

    Why do some patients get some relief from Morgellon’s when they take antipsychotic meds. Antipsychotic medications have shown in clinical studies to be anti-fungal. That is the reason they work for some patients. Most people don’t know that itching sensations are the result of bacteria and or fungi moving on your skin and in some cases trying to colonize. Sometimes the place that itches becomes inflamed because your body had an acute inflammatory reaction to the spot itching. Your skin doesn’t itch for no reason. The bacteria form a colony and perpetuate a process called a bacterial swarm which includes 100s to thousands of bacteria moving in a coordinated process of quorum sensing. People who have Morgellon’s have their innate immune system shut down by mycotoxins from bacteria and fungi. Aspergillus uses gliotoxin to hijack your immune system to cause the body not to send the massive inflammatory response that stops the bacteria and fungi. Therefore, the bacteria and fungi begin to expand, grow and occupy new places. They accomplish this by moving through the lymphatic system, interstitial fluid and sometimes becoming a l-form cell wall deficient form traveling via the bloodstream. Pseudomonas aeruginosa has flagella that make them swim. When you have hundreds or thousands moving to colonize a new location without an immune system to challenge them a person is going to feel these pathogens moving sometime. In addition, both Aspergillus Fumagates and pseudomonas aeruginosa are also called shapeshifting pathogens able to increase their size, elongate and or morph into any shape including liquid (l-form cell wall deficient like found in Autism). Pseudomonas can shapeshift into a filamentous elongated format that mimics a fungi hyphae and or mycelium.

    Morgellon’s is the result of invasive fungi and invasive bacteria as part of a complex biofilm disease. Some of the fibers are actually mycelium from the fungi. However, most of the fibers from the skin are actually keratinocyte dysfunction causing said cells to grow fibers instead of regular hair. Both Aspergillus Fumagates and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa also release melanin that can be different colors that account for the different colors of fibers. Pathogens release melanin as a protective defense against other pathogens and or host defenses. The human body also releases melanin as a protective measure against pathogens which is not generally known.

  3. Liked , subbed , watched and i am now enlightened a little bit more shared on all my platforms , excellent work and presentation thanks for sharing your work with the public.

  4. Harald is a big gift for the world, listen his words since a few month and watched many of his videos. I believe his knowledge is comparable with Einstein or Tesla or van gogh. He helped me in such a difficult time. He says something wich is not good, but in a way so that I can handle it and reflective in the same moment. And hes the man who helped morgellon patients, when all doctors and the whole medicine world close their eyes. Thank you Harald. The world needs more Haralds like you.

  5. Можно просмотреть ролик с включенными субтитрами,для этого в флешплеере нажать значок субтитры , затем нажать значек настройки – английский – перевести,выбрать русский и все смотрите

  6. Dana Ashley has a scientist on her one VIDEO and he is involved in this SPRAYING program. He said to detox this crap out by mixing BORAX, YES THE ONE FROM THE GROCERY STORE WITH THE HORSE ON IT, in the LAUNDRY area, WITH A LITER OF WATER. ONE PINCH. DRINK AS MUCH AS YOU CAN TO DETOX FROM THEIR POISON THEY ARE DUMPING ON US ALL.

  7. I had a video of a green daddy long-legged spider walking across my body but when I edited it I lost the video but I have a screen shot.
    I got black goo using a metal detector some crystals, magnets, bicarb, borax and neem powder. In a bath. Lost it down the plug hole.
    I also had a bird shaped head with a hexagonal eye come out of me and my wall!!
    I have samples for you please get in touch.

  8. Pictures around 1:08 , can agree here
    Horrifying when it is coming out of your body and no validation was isolating and depressing
    Thanks for sharing this and Harald’s great work
    Sadly black magic is real and thriving
    I can say my Morgellons has gotten better
    God bless all who suffer from this


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