Moscow launches airstrikes across east Ukraine, is capturing Donbas crucial for Russia? | World News

The barrage of shelling and airstrikes continue in Ukraine only this time it is concentrated in the country’s east. Ukraine has said that the new assault has resulted in the capture of another of its town.

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Comment (20)

  1. Yes because donbass citizens tired of azov killings for 8 years and citizens want to be part of russia again

  2. Azov army should be trial for holding those civilians as human shields this is the third time Russia offers a safe passage

  3. When it comes to destruction Russia is second to none. When it comes to creating something positive and useful for the world Russia falls short as always. So no surprise.

  4. Russia needs to make clear to the people in the Donbas that the missiles & bombs falling on their heads are "liberation" weapons. After all, they're being liberated from their homes, jobs, families, & lives. They shouldn't have a CARE in the world! Having nothing left DOES, in a way, "liberate" a person.

  5. To Tanya. The NYT already confirmed with video evidence that the atrocities were committed by Ukrainian soldiers.

  6. The people of Ukraine look like they needed rescued long before Russia got there. Nobody gets it that is exactly what Russia wants it seems to be a surprised that they want western thinking Ukrainians gone.

  7. I had to stop the video. I can't deal with that sort of "journalism". WION typically does a great jon of reporting. I guess it's fair for them to interview people like this "journalist", but it's useless in terms of obtaining any factual data.

  8. As long as zelensky continue receiving weapons, I do not the this war would end. I fell sad for Ukrainian who has zelensky as their leader

  9. Ukrainian soldiers have taken hostage thousands of civilians in marioupol to use them as human shield. Why not wion show that. Russia is telling for surrender for days but azov brutal battalion is not let out civilians.

  10. It seems, Wion is completely changed and now become western and NATO puppet since the youtube banned wion few days back. Only one side of the story.

  11. As long as Zelenski's day dreaming of subduing Russia continues, Ukraine will continue to suffer until Zelenski's egotistical attitude completely finished. He almost finished Ukraine and its people just to satisfy his ego and just to fill the stomach of America and Western countries.

  12. again that muppet who doesn't know what the heck she is talking about? stop calling her an investigative journalist…she's mo like a brick shitter


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