Moscow will continue its invasion of Ukraine until 'noble aims' are fulfilled, says Putin | WION

Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to intensify, Russian president Vladimir Putin has now said that Moscow will continue its invasion of Ukraine until his country’s ‘noble aims’ are fulfilled. In a rare public appearance on Tuesday, Putin said that peace talks with Kyiv have now reached a dead end.

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Comment (18)

  1. Women raped, children killed, mass murders committed, peoples' livelihoods and houses destroyed, weeping mothers, dead people in ditches along the road.
    Very noble indeed…

    …if you are a psychopath

  2. Anywhere Putin visit should have an attempt on his life, it just takes one worker or random guy with a screwdriver to the neck cmon you slaves..

  3. Nobody is stopping Russia because of cowardice.I believe Russia will get bigger with a part of eastern Ukraine.

  4. Putin war machines will ultimately be roasted by the skillfully Ukraine forces. Russia will be completely isolated coupled with sanctions being imposed on Russia resulting human sufferings on his own civilians. Surely the army and military will be exhausted in fighting a more resourceful and resilient Ukrainian Army. Poor Russian military, they will be completely demoralized and humiliated at the end of the day.

  5. Western citizens are all asleep and very very dumb, the War is been financed by you to switch to electric cars 🤣🤣🤣, the more the price of fuel then comes the next option 🤣🤣🤣, you will eat more lab foods and beverages now 🤣🤣🤣


  7. Stop implying Zelensky represents Ukraine. ZELENSKY refused peace talks, instead stepped up wild accusations hoping to pull heartstrings of the world to bring him money and weapons which seem to go nowhere except to his pocket of personal wealth in the billions now. UKRAINE is certainly not being helped by his fundraising, but that was never the point. Not even resident ukranians have proof of any of zelensky's accusations, including the astonishing "Russia is coming for POLAND!" , the wild prediction of zelensky that came to nothing because like his other accusations, were founded on nothing. UKRAINE is not zelensky. Russia is doing military objectives, not invasion. If it WERE invasion, Russians would have swept the country last week. Instead they achieve a mission then move to the next location, some of which is providing protection for russian speaking UKRANIANS running for their lives from ZELENSKY's forces cleansing them as 'collatorators and traitors'. Zelensky is doing NOTHING to stop his Azov army from atrocities, which he says, "Eh. They are what they are."

    The world should not believe zelensky speaks for Ukraine but he is the largest cause of their misery to date, all while profiting from it. A man who refused the negotiation table when it was available did so because WAR worked for him. Now? He pays for it.

    Will Russia occupy ukraine when this is over? Hard to say, but they haven't so far in this so called 'invasion'. Putin seems more intent in wiping out Azov army in Kyiv their stronghold, and taking out weapons and biolabs all along the russian border, save one near Moldavia, which he has already adressed and moved on. Moving on after a mission is not the sign of a country planning to make a satellite. That's a country taking care of it's border threats. When he leaves, he'll likely make sure russian speaking ukranians of the east and south get representation in their government, something that's been denied them when ukranian speakers just threw their elected president out of office and had another election to put THEIRS in. Either we let the country be democratic and stay out of it, or we can expect vested parties to take action to restore border peace.

    And Crimea was never TAKEN by Russia. It CHOSE Russian protection by democratic election of 97%. Crimea was tired of persecution by West Ukraine in endless civil war nobody really cared about because west ukraine was their favorite. That russian base is there by peaceful arrangement, much like USA had a peaceful base in war torn Turkey that ideologically resented them.

    IF Russia takes Ukraine, it will be the end of good will of the world, since if ukraine can be taken and fall, so can any country on her borders. But if Russia completes her missions and goes home after UKRANIAN russian speakers ALSO have government representation, then it will be a public relations win for Russia in the eyes of the world. It's a wait and see, but ZELENSKY? He has to go.

  8. Peace never was on the table.
    To achieve peace, both parties need to act in good faith.
    Putin always speaks with a forked tongue as does Liarov.
    🇺🇦victory to Ukraine🇺🇦 😎
    Putin the loser🤣

  9. USA …you have to be face of Poker…if not ask Assange ….or Syria, or ….sud Amé end for war crimes from USA…no moral standards

  10. Why do you think these major power have so many weapons? They are not for the rich of other countries or their elites. These weapons are for the Middle Middle class and poor. Starting world War 3 would do just this.

  11. i would understand zelensky dont talk with putin

    but the real issue is that zelensky dont want to talk with deonetsk representatives about donetsk independence

    zelensky wants more weapon more warfare and more dead
    thats the real issue

    its already clear everyone russia is not there annmexing ukraine but the donetsk freedom


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