'Most of 1.5 million tonnes of grain stolen by Russia', says Ukraine | World News | WION

Russian forces have stolen grain from the areas of Ukraine they occupy, Ukraine’s deputy agriculture minister said recently. However, Kremlin denied the grain theft claims. For more on this, we’re joined by Maximilian Hess, Fellow, foreign policy research institute.

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Comment (36)

  1. Yep that is right, they were looting potatoes and other foods when they first entered, they robbing everyone of cars, jewellery etc so why not grain. The world said this would never happen, so why is this happening? First Syria and now Ukraine, the difference here is that "Big Brother is saying do as I tell you, otherwise we will take your resources, lands and kill your civilians"…." We have a lot of young people to fight so they can die in Ukraine, not problem, their mothers and fathers don't care and will be afraid to ask". Fight for your Freedom Ukraine.

  2. Perhaps the people who stole the grain are the same people who are destroying the food processing plants in the US? Connect the dots people, there are no coincidences in life.

  3. WTF, how can you steal a 1.5 million tons of grain without being discovered? What a BS. People who believe this must have no brains to think for themselves. 1.5 million tons needs a lot of logistics to be transferred and must be big trucks. And most of all, Russia's problem in this war is logistics.

  4. Is it just me or has WION's stance towards the Russian-Ukraine conflict changed since EU/s von der Leyen visit?

  5. Is this war or something else. Instead to doing something to stop wat and save innocent lives. Ukrainian government is busy accusing others for nonsence things and crying like a child. No one can save this country

  6. At least learn to spread lies 🤦….this will make people doubt every previous things told by you & it will make people vigilant about every future news coming out from you….(provided people are reasonable & not useful idiots)……this was beyond ridiculous attempt..!!btw as usual wion is doing good job by letting every side get presented the way they are without concealing even stupidest thing from each side..good job🙌🙌

  7. that grain belongs to the people of Donbas and its not stolen.DNR and LNR will share it as they shouldnnot thiefs and cleptocrats like Poroshenko or Zelenski in Kiev.

  8. The best slogan of the Russian military in the occupied territory after WW2 was: 'Davai ceas, davai palton '. Still available.😂😂😂

  9. What is going on . This seems a little farfetched in the midst of War so how would they transport it and would they not prefer to watch their backs. Is a lot of Jackanory…..this is so weird.

  10. 1,500,000 tons.

    14tons per truck

    Over 60 days

    1,800 sorties per day.

    Lets just say takes 3hr return journey

    Lets just say you do 5 sorties a day in a 15 hour per day workhours

    That equals to 360 trucks required.

  11. Russia seems to be this kinda 3rd world bunch of hillbillies that are looting items that can't be obtained in Russia with soldiers stealing everything from women's nail polish and underwear to Farmer's tractors.

  12. someone needs to tell that 35yo manchild with the bowtie to lay off the bottle and weed before he makes his next remarks to the World.

  13. Russia will have to bear the consequences of this monstrous behaviour in shame for centuries to come.

  14. Ukrainian Gov. always making Accusation against Russia with out evidence🤣poisoning the mind of the people🤮🤮🤮

  15. Zelenskyy means full of lies after one other. He is a little small man comedian, now the president of Ukraine with scripted lies. "Redacted" channel covered some of his best lying examples.

  16. Ukraine is a low level liar country.they are in trouble because of one stubborn idiot.he sacrificed millions of people.he made them refugees, homeless.their life is never going to be the same.

  17. This is the indication of war is going to end because capturing grain and leaving Ukraine with grain blame.

  18. Can WION post the source material please that demonstrates that Ukraine Agricultural ministry has alleged such a thing?

    WION just don't bother reporting such half baked and poorly sourced nonsense. You simply tarnish your credibility.

    "Ah there does appears to be some social media evidence this is occurring". Oh dear Maximilian you are a bright candle in a darkened room.

  19. War comes with many unpleasantries. Sorry Ukraine. Next time don't allow yourself to be used as a provocative tool.


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