Most people are easily controlled and manipulated by Spirits

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  1. Every time you two speak on wicked spirits and such, there's a glitch. smh. But thank you for this video. peace and blessings.😊

  2. please redo this topic, the technical difficulties made a lot of footage distorted. visual & Audio. shalom

  3. 1Love Yall,

    Yall Speak Truth (Pr 12:17)

    let God be Truth and every Man a liar (Ro 3:4)

    I lie not,

    I ment No disrepect I know that Yall do not Believe the Quran

    but it Quotes the Torah and the Gospels,


    now every time Zechariah would look in on Mary (Life of John the Baptist Pt 2)
    (Quran 3:37-40),

    Mary, God inviting You to rejoice in a Word from He (Birth of Mary 7:1-21)
    (Quran 3:45-52),

    do not be sad for below at Your feet Your Lord has provided You with a brook (Gospel of Pseudo- Matthew 13)
    (Quran 19:16-26),

    Jesus Christ who is refferred to as the Prophet of Truth by the Gentiles and the Son of God by His own Disciples (Lentulus to Tiberius)
    (Gospel of Philip 4)
    (Quran 17:4-5),

    this Jesus who was taken up to from among You and received again into Heaven (Apocalypse of Peter 17)
    (Quran 3:55),

    for I Follow not in Blind Faith but in Knowledge,

    so I, do APOLOIZE it will not happen again,


  4. I just a couple of hours ago, read and listened to a response from a dear family member. we've been kind of going back and forth this week via text messaging in regards to me constantly sharing scriptures, videos, and articles that were very beneficial during the the time The Most High was awakening me.

    HalleluYah! He allowed me to see the manipulation immediately afterwards. And then… I see this video. Comfirmation! HalleluYah! Watchman and Deborah, although this video was a little glitchy here and there… the message was heard…loud and clear. HalleluYah! TodahYah for you both and your beautiful family. HalleluYah that even though this journey has been such a lonely one…I now fully understand why it has to be that way at times.

    It's been such a beautiful yet difficult and downright painful journey at times. His path is narrow.

    TodahYah for choosing me as a vessel to reach my family. TodahYah for the protection and increased discernment. TodahYah for every provision He continues to give for us all.

  5. thank u for dis message , I have a dream that my sister was vomiting acids water I didn't understand that dream but dis message at the ending bit help me to understand the dream a bit the most high always use both of u to reveal things to me , thanks to both of u for taking your time to putting these videos out especially for people like me who is on my own on dis journey and I know their is other people out there who is in the same situation as me , I pray that the most high will continue to bless u and your family,shalom.

  6. I heard of a story of a couple of two righteous who were separated. I don't know that's possible, unless the couple doesn't have wisdom to discern. Also, the audio is messed up mostly.

  7. Thank you so much for this message. please pray for me that I be everyday more and more obedient to the most high for I know his words say that obedience is better than sacrifice. May the most high continue to bless you your family and your ministry. Shalom

  8. I tell you, EACH and EVERYONE of your videos speak to me! It's almost like Yah is telling you to speak to me. May Yah continue to Baruk you!

  9. Shalom Thank You for bringing Truth to the demons that do take hold on People. I have seen it first hand. These people bring it to them selves, by working in Spirit work with no protocol, or knowledge of Spirit.being.thugs.demons

  10. Shabbat Shalom, Family , love the video, I am so aware that we as children of Yah, we must examine ourselves daily, I encourage my brothers and sisters to do so also because we are in a battle and have to put on the whole aroma of Yah every day. Moreover, this is why the scripture informs us to pray without ceasing also we must remind ourselves that the life we have left behind and the old ways of thinking and doing have not made us perfect. Furthermore, the words say's to return to them is like a dog returning to his vomit. In ending, we must be ye transformed by the renewing of our minds; through feasting on the word, and being lead by the Ruach, through prayer and fasting to shed off the old man and to put on and welcoming of the new.


  11. The day is at hand and the feast of Elohim is going on, this is a day that Yah, has made we shall rejoice and be glad in it.


  12. I really enjoy listening to your channel. Thank you to the Most High for using these two to deliver important message to his people. May you be blessed always!


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