mRNA Vaccines – Layman’s version (Pfizer/Moderna COVID-19 vaccines), plus some FAQs, Animation.

The basis of upcoming Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus RNA vaccines. How it works? Plus some FAQs: Does mRNA vaccine change my DNA? Why do people want me to take the vaccine?
For comparison of different vaccines, as well as events of immune response, role of different immune cells (T-cells, B-cells, APC), see this video:
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The purpose of a vaccine is to mimic an infection, activating the body’s immune response, but without causing the illness. Conventional vaccines usually contain a weakened or inactivated virus; or a piece of a viral protein, called an antigen. These viral elements do not cause disease, but they trick the immune system into thinking that an infection has occurred so that it responds by producing antibodies against the virus. RNA vaccines are a new generation of vaccines. Instead of a protein antigen, they contain mRNA, meaning messenger RNA. As its name suggests, mRNA is basically a messenger, carrying genetic message from DNA to protein. In order to function, a human cell needs to constantly produce proteins based on genetic information in its DNA. Because DNA is located in the nucleus of the cell, and protein synthesis occurs in the cytoplasm, an intermediate molecule is required to transmit the information. mRNA copies the information from DNA and brings it to the cytoplasm, where it is translated into protein. mRNA consists of 4 basic building blocks called A, U, C and G. The information it carries is the sequence of these letters. RNA vaccines contain mRNA strands that have the information for making the viral antigen, usually a viral spike protein. Once inside the body’s cells, the mRNA is translated into protein, the antigen, by the same process the cells use to make their own proteins. The antigen is then displayed on the cell surface where it is recognized by the immune system. From here, the sequence of events is similar to that of a conventional vaccine. RNA vaccines are easier and safer to produce than conventional vaccines. Conventional vaccines typically require growing large amounts of infectious viruses, usually in chicken eggs, and then inactivating them. Vaccines produced this way are at risks of being contaminated with LIVE viruses and allergens from egg culture. Such risks do NOT exist with RNA vaccines because mRNA molecules can be synthesized in a CELL-FREE system using a DNA template that contains information for making the viral protein. The mRNA is made from the same building blocks as natural mRNA, so it has the same chemical composition as natural mRNA. The relative simplicity of the production process makes it easier to standardize and scale, enabling rapid responses to emerging pandemics. In case the virus MUTATES, it’s also simple to change the mRNA sequence to match the mutation. Will RNA vaccines change my DNA? RNA vaccines do NOT change your DNA. This is because in order to do so, the mRNA must convert into DNA, enter the nucleus, and integrate into the cell’s DNA. This is a complex multiple-step process requiring action of several enzymes that the cell does NOT have. Instead, the cell has plenty of enzymes that can readily destroy the mRNA, so the mRNA is usually degraded after the protein is made. Why do people try so hard to convince others to take vaccine? The answer is herd immunity. When enough people in a community are vaccinated, the whole community, including the individuals that were not vaccinated, is protected against the disease. This phenomenon is known as herd immunity. Herd immunity is possible because a pathogen cannot spread without a sufficient number of vulnerable hosts. An analogy is the spread of wildfires. A wildfire only spreads where there is vegetation, or fuel, for it to burn; it would stop at a river, or a large open space. These are called firebreaks. Vaccinated individuals essentially serve as firebreaks, preventing spread of infections caused by pathogens. Herd immunity is important because not everyone can be vaccinated. Often, the very young, very old, and immunocompromised people must rely on vaccinated individuals to stop disease outbreaks. To note, however, that the number of vaccinated individuals must be great enough for community protection to occur, just like a firebreak must be large enough to stop a fire.

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  1. Here are the answers to some common questions. Please note that this video is about the scientific basis of mRNA vaccines in general, not about any particular vaccine or manufacturer. This video is not sponsored by anyone and does not represent endorsement for any particular vaccine. The answers below are based on well-known, basic knowledge of mRNA/cell biology and immunology, which can be found in ANY TEXTBOOK. More Q&A may be added later.
    For comparison of different vaccines, as well as events of immune response, role of different immune cells (T-cells, B-cells, APC), see this video:
    Q1: How long the mRNA from vaccine will stay in human body? A: mRNA is very unstable, it is easily degraded by enzymes in our cells (RNAses). Average half-life of mRNA in human is around 10 hours. mRNA from vaccine is expected to stay no longer than a day.
    Q2: How long the antigen (translated from mRNA vaccine) is expected to stay in our body? A: Several days. Once the immune system is activated, it will see the cells that carry the antigen as damaged and destroy them.
    Q3: So from A to Q2, our immune system destroys our own cells, is that bad? A: No. This is the natural way the body detects foreign antigens, just like when an infection occurs – infected cells display pieces of the virus to alert the immune system and get killed. The difference is that you can control the dose with the vaccine, unlike a natural infection. And the vaccine does not multiply. The number of our own cells that will be killed with the vaccine dose is negligible. Note that traditional vaccines also work this way: the antigen delivered by a traditional vaccine is also taken up by some of our cells, it is then broken into pieces and displayed on the surface of the cell to be "seen" by the immune system. This is the only way for the immune system to detect foreign antigens. The body will replace the lost cells within several days. For details see this video:
    Q4: So now the immune system will produce the antibodies, will it ever stop? A: It's the same process that happens when there is a natural infection. So, upon infection or vaccination, antibodies will take a couple of weeks to be produced, the level will peak for about a couple more weeks and then it will go down, no more production. But now the body remembers the virus because some memory cells are left – when you encounter the real virus these cells will produce antibodies again, this time instantly in response – so fast that no infection will occur. If the body does not encounter the virus then, no antibodies will be produced.
    Q5: How about side effects? A: All vaccines have side effects, mRNA or traditional. The list of side effects should be available online or at any location that offers the vaccine.
    Q6: How mRNA gets into cells? A: It is delivered in lipid coverings that will fuse with cell membrane (also consists of lipids) – it's called endocytosis.
    Q7: Is this gene therapy? A: No, gene therapy involves replacing your gene with a new one, this vaccine does not touch your genes.
    Q8: I had COVID and recovered, do I still need the vaccine? A: You probably do not need the vaccine if your infection was recent, at least for now. The question remains is how long natural immunity will last and how long vaccine protection will last, we do not yet know the answer.

  2. If mRNA vaccines are both easier to make AND safer for the patient, what is the reason this is not the industry standard? Seems foolish to use any other method.

  3. I got vaccinated! You're Welcome Antivaxxers… Get vaccinated if you can, I want this to be over, and I dont wanna spread this to someone and kill them, because i give a crap about other people! Just get the vaccine!

  4. What cells/tissues/organs are used by the mRNA vaccine? How many cells and what happens to those cells/tissues/organs afterwards?

  5. We have miraculous immune systems that work fine naturally in healthy people, for thousands of years, stop using healthy humans for experiments that don't need fake drugs!

  6. I don't know nothing but have a couple questions. If they can reuse this copy mRNA sequence that is written into a copy of our dna somehow parallel of our dna? for a future new pandemic how is it not rewriting dna? Where is this written sequence? And I thought this video says it goes away so how can they use this messenger marker again for a different pandemic? (at 2:47 through 2:55)

  7. So with the new Delta variant they say that you can still transmit the virus to others. The vaccine will help reduce your side effects of covid but it will still transmit to others. There would be no herd immunity?

  8. Pretty mindblowing looking at this from a Human Design perspective as in that system of understanding our human genetic code is made up of those 21 amino acids which correspond to the H·D Gates / astrological placements

  9. So, How come the mRNA shot has the same listed adverse effects on the product monographs as the regular flu shot if its so much safer( taking note that the Vaers govt site is bursting with adverse reports from the mNRA????
    how come when 80%+ of most country's pop are vax'd why is the CDC, Fauci and the news media yelling at the top of their lungs that we won't ever reach heard immunity! why didn't the mRNA jabs work well enough to stop the variants. covid seems more and mor to be behaving just like the flu!

  10. I came here to learn about the history of the mRNA vaccine! Even though it’s good to know studies have been around for decades, I still feel like its all just one big experiment and we are the Guinea pigs

  11. Lipid nanoparticles is what scares me. All this research about nanoparticles being able to be controlled by frequencies scares me and makes me see where some of these conspiracy theories stem from. We only kinda now know the power of energy and frequencies amd mindulness and spontaneous healing through such energy. Can someone explain how LNP are different to nanoparticles that can be manipulated by frequencies please?? Hope im wording this right just soenthing on a soulful level keeps going back to energy, nanoparticles and the feeling like loss that inner control in someway. I spose this is why some go on about 5g connection as the frequency that uses is very similar to the frequencies used to heat up nanoparticles in the cells and destroy them im say some tumor or cancer treatments etc. I know it sounds odd but i would love to understand how these LNPs are different to these other ones used for manipulation. Thanks

  12. Quick question, are there any downsides. I’ve met some people who didn’t get vaccinated because of the vaccine. Can you explain why they wouldn’t get vaccinated.

  13. Why does it kill a percentage of people though? Why does it have crazy side effects like bells palsy etc. Is it OK just to trust my own immune system and be one of the unvaxed because I don't want to take that chance?

  14. Sounds like just a big experiment on the human people nobody's explaining where it came from and how we can prevent it again no they just want to pump this s*** in our bodies thanks but no thanks.

  15. MRNA vaccines were never designed to prevent transmission of the pathogen, although they were marketed in that way. All you have to do is to read and to understand the clinical trials of Pfizer or Moderna.

  16. Why are people getting blood clots? What is LUCIFERASE role in this process. What about the other toxic ingredients like aluminum, mercury, and polysorbate 80 that crosses the blood brain barrier?? Sorry but I can't believe your reason for this type of 💉💉💉 being safe ✌


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