Musk shows off progress on brain-machine interface

Futurist entrepreneur Elon Musk late Tuesday revealed that his secretive Neuralink startup is making progress on an interface linking brains with computers, and said they hope to begin testing on people next year. #ElonMusk #brainmachine

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Comment (18)

  1. Musk should try this on himself first and then he and I can compete and see who has better mental and intellectual capabilities. I’m just an ordinary guy with an ordinary brain. Musk seems to be just another experienced businessman.

  2. Does anyone still believe even a single word coming out from the mouth of that snake oil salesman? He is much like Trump, they both are pathological liars when it comes down to making more money.

  3. When thousands of biologists and scientists work years and years develop technology, and then appears some guy and told everyone that he is a man to thank for that

  4. Elon planned to save humankind from evil AI by giving everyone soldiers a fighting chance against self-aware machines using Neurolink interfacing into exoskeleto or any human-controlled weapons.

  5. They call Musk a visionary….but ignores his litany of stupid ideas that don't work! Granted that he has a fantastic resume with Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla, I take nothing away from him for these. But most of his latest ramblings are only reported because they come from Musk. The Boring idea doesn't work. Putting USB ports at the back people's heads for the stated purpose is unlikely to be accepted. Even the Hyperloop is not looking very promising (not actually new, just a Maglev inside a tunnel with a partial vacuum).


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