My Integrity Jeopardised England..?

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  1. This saddens my heart. I am praying for this young man that he will have an experience with the Most High that will deliver him completely from any issues with mental health; and then may he be delivered from the “powers” of this wicked system that is trying to entrap him physically “For the Most High hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Tim. 1:7 Pray for our people to be delivered both mentally and physically. The Most High is able.

  2. Umm, for every action, there is a reaction, be it good or bad….
    Fact is that this man has said, (by his own admission) that he has spent collectively two months of the past year in a secure unit.

  3. Wait a minute…they put you on a benzodiazepine because "they" "feel" intimidated…that in and of itself is medical malpractice and maleficence…those drugs are particularly addictive and dangerous…I pray that you not only get well but get free from this beast system…

  4. They did the same with my younger sister, constantly misdiagnosing our people's, because of our melanin we are wired different from these devils if where loud in their minds where aggressive men in white coats can take you away in the middle of the night, this is the current agenda here in the UKkk and it stinks..🤬

  5. Keep doing the videos brotha. Because video has been the only way that we’ve been able to fight back. Black males in America learn very young to take the bass out their voice. They want you smiling and non violent while they sock it to ya! I’m glad you said Yoga because anything that you can do to calm your mind do it. But other than that study Law or something in the area of helping you get away from those fckers! Then at night calm your mind. I’m praying for you!

  6. Thats why TMH tells ISRAEL to COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM AND BE YE SEPARATE SAITH THE LORD! TMH told us that we would be in lands of people who HATE US! Yet the weak black men amongst us has forgiven all of the atrocities that these monsters have inflicted upon our people and CONTINUE to inflict upon our people and keep running after their wikked women! Judgement is upon our people who are clinging to these monsters. Our lost men will pay! Situations like THIS reminds us that they are the wikked ones seed and they want our SOULS! This young man needs to pray to TMH Yah for escape and deliverance and do NOT rely upon man nor give YAHs glory to man! Rely ONLY upon TMH Yah in this Spiritual Battle! Take heed, and come out from among the wikked ones seed and be separate! Your life WILL depend upon it! The separation of the sheep from the goats is taking place now. Those clinging to the seed of the wikked one will perish with them.

  7. Really feeling it for this Brother… Thank goodness he has a legal support representative… STAY STRONG Bro… FREE YOUR MIND FROM MENTAL SLAVERY…. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙋🏽‍♀️

  8. My brother, I don't know what to tell u, except seek 'The Most High' with ALL ur heart! REPENT, TURN & PRAY, PRAY, PRAY – coz right now u don't have many other options! So, choose this day whom u will serve and choose LIFE! Go humbly before His throne of Grace and repent of ur sins and the sins of ur forefathers! He will direct ur steps if ur repentance is sincere and ur heart is contrite, coz only He truly knows the intent of every heart! So call on Him, while u still can and He will order ur footsteps and make straight ur path. There are no doors that cannot be opened nor bars that can hold back His plans. So cry-out to the only wise AhaYah, call on our Athon & Saviour YeshaYah and they will send 'The Comforter' to aide u. Shalom & be blessed! 💕

  9. No help for us. Another jail. Most people's problems are demonic. Read the bible. Cast them demons out and healing happens. Those of us who know what to do according to scripture need to step up and really help our people myself included. We need to get into our rightful positions in the kingdom of Yah and get to work. Seek TMH and let's get it together. WE ARE THE PEOPLE. WE ARE THE HELP!!!🎯

  10. They want to keep you on injections 💉 its their business to keep pharmaceutical companies happy, not people's healing. Blessings prayers and love.

  11. You know whats actually pathetic? I had a girl in my university say the exact same thing. That she FEELS intimidated by me, not that she IS, but she FEELS intimidated. For black men who are targeted most often, this is the response you will get from karens if you are put in a vulnerable position as a black man. They are wicked racist people.

  12. I tried searching for the name of a couple of people i have watched over the years, that are head and shoulders above the people in charge, like that consultant.
    One talked about overlooked childhood head trauma, and it's impact. Referring to his own nephew, after falling down the stairs as a toddler, and given the all clear, began to show alarming signs. Luckily for him and his family, his uncle was studying the legacy of head injury. He then was scanned and a cyst, caused by the years old tumble was found. Once removed, he was a new happy person.
    Another, studied the real link between mental health and the bodies health. Poor nutrician, damaged gut biome because of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals have direct links.
    And one other man, he talked about medication as outdated and barbaric , as there were more effective less damaging ways. I wish i could post they links to their talks.
    One talked about the mental health system as another form of prison, where your opinion, human rights and dignity are at the discretion of the one uncharged of your paperwork.

  13. Listen, I have an adult son with schizophrenia who lives with me. Some ppl want to jump straight to demons as the source but it seems odd to me that this is done mostly for mental illness. No one says demons when it comes to cancer, diabetes, colds, flu, kidney diseases, etc. Mental illness is the brain, an organ, malfunctioning or being diseased. Medication does help if taken properly. Now when my son stops taking his and becomes a violent maniac, yall want me to just pray? I pray daily, but Yah also gave me the common sense to know how to deal with an actual dangerous situation. Now Idk what this man's diagnosis is, nor do I know the policies over there. Here in my state in the USA, they don't take you to a facility unless you are a danger to yourself or others and that danger has to be currently happening. I pray for peace for all of their minds, but I'm not jumping to any conclusions about the system based on thus snippett. Ppl with mental illness often think they have no problems to deal with, so that's my 2 cents. APTTMHY…praise him through all circumstances.

  14. There you go son, “ she/they feel intimidated by you”. The Spiritual battle tasks many forms, you maybe going through yours now. Seek Yah’s presence though-out the day, claim His promises, ask Him to cast down the strongholds of the enmities that surround you. I pray that someone seeing this video will direct the legal Aide you seek to your location. I pray that you will hold fast like Daniel and be strengthened like Samson, be wise like Solomon in advocating for yourself.

  15. Some questions brother: Have you been convicted of any violent crime? Under what guise did they institutionalize you? Did those mental "authorities" say what the timeframe of these conditions would be (a month, a year, for life)?

  16. This how evil they are! They suppressing your awakening! Yes you need some help but not to their feelings! I PRAY THAT YOU GOT SOME PEACE & FREEDOM FROM THAT PLACED & IN TO GOD ALMIGHTY HAND❤️

  17. Coming up in the Bay Area I always saw the UK as real cool, even while racist issues did exist everywhere, but the UK seemed a bit less racist up until when? Its like a hate bottom is pushed and all beings effected by the buttons energy turn on all of a sudden, everywhere in the world.

  18. To this young man……. We will petition The Almighty Yahweh Tseva Ot . Nothing "fancy", we are simply calling on the Master/Lord of The Heavenly Armies. Think about what I'm saying. This title/characteristic is appropriate because you want The Almighty to go to War for you. You are keenly aware that you and everything you say/do/don't do is being "monitored"……so respond accordingly. Whatever "thing" you are in agreement with….come out of that agreement. Order YOUR steps right before The Almighty. Constantly communicate with The Most High and keep your ears open to hear His instructions….ie…close your mouth and listen. Focus. This FIREY trial will soon pass….Concerning the doctors/witches/warlocks those who are reading your comments, watching your posts and examining your behavior, know of a certainty that those are your enemies…..give them no ammunition against yourself. Chess not Checkers. This house is and will continue to pray specifically against those mutants and all they are attached to. Our petition is that you not only come out of there but also that you will see/witness their judgement while you are in this land of the living. Remember ..this is a war….and you have the Most complete powerful weapon at your disposal…..your faith will activate it….your mouth will declare it….He will perform it. Trust in Yah . Humble yourself…and joyously endeavor this moment that when you come out you can be a living witness to Yah's awesome Power and help the next bro/sister . Speak life to yourself ALL DAY. Recall all the MIGHTY works of old to remind your self of how our Power/God works. Stay focused. May The Most High Power Yahweh Elohiym Tseva Ot continue to be with you and strengthen you….in the name of….baha shem, Hamasiach Yahoshua. 👑👑👑👑.

  19. Shalom Family! I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor located in Chicago, IL… This is a very serious and common problem in the Mental Health Feild. There is a program by the name of "Williams and Colbert Program", which was the result of a winning lawsuit of two men who were being trapped in Nursing Homes and Mental Health facilities but had the capabilities of living independently. Unfortunately once you enter these facilities and participate in medication compliance, you are more vulnerable of being trapped especially with no family supports. I would definitely recommend he seeks legal advocacy and if at all possible a trusted social service agency that can be a support to advocate on his behalf! I pray for this brother and all my family that is dealing with Mental Health disruptions. It is definitely time for Spritual Warfare for the Mind!

  20. This is some ol bullish-t. What can we do to help this brother? How many other of us are in a similar situation. Everyone it’s time to gird yo our loins. As things continue to ramp up very similar scenarios could be becoming to some. The brother needs to ditch the yoga mat and pic up the scripts. Damn


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