Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8
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  1. The original Eata of the Philippines were and are still Dark people. The images you show from the 1800s is recent. They even have and had Kinky Hair. Same as INDIA! All the straight hair people are MIXED BLOOD and there are so many Philine people who say this much.

  2. Your mixed race , with what 2 races , I missed your ethnicity. I have source for days , so instead of blocking me let me come on and we can go through our sources online.. I can show my sources and photos aswell .. you showed all the white washed images of the olmec temple I have clear photos let's do this. I love to go on air with you.

  3. And as for the California indians there hair was course not straight , negroes have course hair and yes our hair grow long my hair is about 30 inches and when straightened either by heat or tight braid outs its a course texture, those chinos hair was straight , not course.

  4. Those Olmec Heads also look like The Jomon people who inhabited what is now Japan. They were Mongoloid-Asian, brown to copper colored, heavy face features (*like) negroes, thick, coarse wavy or straight black hair. Japan is South of the 2nd Arserath (not the one in N. Africa); on an old Tartary map of Tartaria- (Extreme N.E. corner China/S.E. corner of Russia).
    What's interesting is:
    -Japan borders the Pacific and is near the land bridge.
    -Japans first Emporer was Jimmu" (Mu?).
    -The sunken Continent of Mu rests in the Pacific.
    Thank you so much for your time, Shalom ❣️

  5. TCA my brother I went to the Philippines and they black peoples that leaves in the mountains and they call them negrotoes and these people have Afros and according to my wife they are the original people of the land and the funny thing is these people don’t mix they stay up in the mountains

  6. Many indians were mullatos in your pics.
    The original Indian had wholly hair & jet black skin, until vikings mixed with them, then later Asians, then later whites.


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