Nano particles transhumanist agenda

Nano particulates serving mufti-facited agendas – bio/geo engineering & global genocide.
Nano metals compromise human physiology by poisoning. Nano chips compromise human brain function. Full-spectrum surveillance incorporating input & output of the brain.

Sound by Titus XII creative commons license

I do not own all elements of this video. The information collected here is for educational/informational purposes.

For more information on transhumanism and nano technology, please see the following videos/articles on this topic:

Heavy Metals, Vaccines, and Your Health

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  1. Just wanted to be human, nothing else.  Never asked for much.  Did ya hear, Congress went nuclear?  Funny to watch the Dems in '05 say how God awful it would be for country and now saying why they need to do it because those pesky Repubs are blocking things!  Damn the torpedos!  In session preferably or a drone gone wild while operator steps away for just a minute…yeah, my wishes are a bit ugly these days 😉


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