Nanobots: The Future of Cancer Treatment (2021)

A mini-documentary about the nanobots or nanorobots in real life, in this video we will talk about future medical technology which is nanorobotics in medicine like the use of nanobots to kill cancer.
Nanobots are considered to be the future of cancer treatment, nanobots are robots that carry out a very specific function and are ~50–100 nm wide. They can be used very effectively for drug delivery. Normally, drugs work through the entire body before they reach the disease-affected area

In a major advancement in nanomedicine, ASU scientists, in collaboration with researchers from the (NCNST), of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have successfully programmed nanorobots to shrink cancer tumors by cutting off their blood supply.

“Moreover, this technology is a strategy that can be used for many types of cancer, since all solid tumor-feeding blood vessels are essentially the same,” said Yan.

The successful demonstration of the technology, the first-of-its-kind study in mammals utilizing breast cancer, melanoma, ovarian and lung cancer mouse models, was published in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

Nanomedicine is a new branch of medicine that seeks to combine the promise of nanotechnology to open up entirely new avenues for treatments, such as making minuscule, molecule-sized nanoparticles to diagnose and treat difficult diseases, especially cancer.

“These nanorobots can be programmed to transport molecular payloads and cause on-site tumor blood supply blockages, which can lead to tissue death and shrink the tumor,” said Baoquan Ding, a professor at the NCNST, located in Beijing, China.

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  1. Technology is truly advancing within such a short span of time. I strongly believe that one day there will cease to be the existence of cancer. Horrible disease !! Hoping for nanobots in the future.

  2. Transhumanism is the mark on the beast, Satan wants to sit in the people's throne, and he is gonna do it in some people by using nanorobots and nanotechnology , just watch the movies transcendence and Terminator: Genesis, and you will realize what im talking about.
    Jesus is coming believe that he died on the cross for you and that he resurrected on the third day and you gonna be safe


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