Nanorobotics – 7 CRAZY Breakthroughs

The future of nano-robotics has arrived & it is both frightening and amazing! Let’s look at some emerging technologies!

Sources & Credits:
7. Miskin Robot

6. Magnetic Helical

5. Swarm Vortex

4. Dolev Model

3. DNA Synthetic Nanopore

2. Cyborg Organoids

1. Xenobot

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  1. Any word yet on how to keep proteins from building up around nanocells and eventually eating away at them? That's been one of the big issues. Maybe there's a way to chemically reprogram the proteins to power the nanobot instead.

  2. These are mr Controlled, a guassian signal switching polarization too quick not to loose particles bound by charge close enough to be replaced or recombined ,light radiation and cancer is already using these the research level is busting into nano via covid mRNA vaccines and legal ease already into law. Though no doctor has yet had the privilege of diagnosis of a DNA envelope with disease strains of DNA inside the PhD degree won't allow the "rumour "of Amazon's future business plan in kenpac state Insurance ownership, you know kenpac? Those poor people that got out on ventilators and died even though they tested negative ,because the Insurance was Digitally bound in protocol to pay itself for allowing insurance to be the diagnostic doctor replacement. Now you know how Bezos is cutting out the middleman he used to snicker about along with JP Morgan?

  3. I think that the futur of medicen will be shaped by this nanorobots means that no vaccines that take years to treat diseases just thos nanomachines will attak this viruses and it will treat and also solve the biggest problem in the modern medicen witch is cancer , it will be great chance and advance for humanity.

  4. why is it shocking, it is shocking that we are a species with numbers yet all the research burdens are left to a handful of individuals! and we are so slow in terms of progress and breakthroughs


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