Napoleon 1813: The Road to Leipzig

In 1813, following his disastrous invasion of Russia, Napoleon faced a desperate battle to save his empire. His enemies were gaining in strength, as Prussia and Sweden joined the Sixth Coalition against him, while Russian armies advanced across Poland and into Germany. The French Emperor worked miracles to raise a new Grande Armée of young conscripts, leading them to victory at Lützen and Bautzen. But Napoleon knew everything might ultimately depend on Austria – which side would his father-in-law, Austrian Emperor Francis I, chose to support? The matter would be settled after a fateful and ill-tempered meeting in Dresden between Napoleon and Austrian foreign minister von Metternich…

Special thanks to Alexander Averyanov for kind permission to use his paintings ‘On the Frontier’ & ‘Horse Guards at the Battle of Borodino’. Royal Interior Image by Monoar Rahman Rony via Pixabay

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Comment (37)

  1. I see all the Brit hating snotty trolls are out in force👍👍 Why would Britain send out armies to save Austria or

    Russia or any other country ? It's their business to save themselves and their countries not Britain's. It supported and

    kept 1st to the 6th coalition going even if they were not part of them with soldiers on the ground with vast sums of

    money weapons and supplies. Then they entered when they felt the time was right in the Peninsula in 1808 and Wellington
    held down huge numbers of French troops in Spain that Napoleon could have used against all his other enemies. Britain was
    the Queen on the chessboard moving about and threating everywhere and without that Napoleon would have been emperor
    of Europe until his wrinkly Corsican ass popped off at 90 or something. I'm not British (Oz) but even i can see they were the
    ones who Napoleon knew were his real nemesis

  2. So the British aid was them using their reserves they had saved for themselves, seeing that Napoleon wouldn't be crossing the channel the British seemed to put their reserves to good use.

  3. I LOLED at the quote
    “I’m going to ruin this man’s entire career” dates back even before it could become viral

  4. Let’s not forget the Russians lost as many, if not more, than Napoleon did in 1812…. Plenty more serfs where they came from alas. But when Bavaria sends their best 30000, and come back with 68…..that’s a geopolitical game changer right there.

  5. Les anglais sont tres drôles ils considèrent avoir participé aux 7 coalitions alors qu'on les a vu arriver en France seulement après la retraite de Russie
    Financer une guerre ne veut pas dire y participer
    Cela démontre seulement à quel point vous n'aviez aucune chance face à la grande armée
    Depuis on vous appel engaylish

  6. Napoleon's biggest mistake is trusting ppl. After conquering a territory I would have executed every single aristocrat and installed a general of mine who has fought at least 30 battles for me and that I personally trusted. All agreements are just pieces of paper until opportunity arises… And after conquering a territory I would spend 5yrs pacifying the population

  7. Napoleon was a genius in battle but shitty in diplomacy

    Should have accepted the deal to buy time to build up his troops.

  8. – European countries: painstakingly fight France for 20 years.
    – Britain: gives the final blow at Waterloo and takes all the credit for the next 200 years.

  9. Napoleon was one of the best military commanders in history, but the image of him, is of a person, who is arrogant, thinks no end of himself and looks down on everyone

  10. I’m constantly astonished by the production quality of these videos.
    I must have watched this episode (my favourite one) half a dozen times but I only just noticed how stunningly good the musical transition is at 12:59

  11. Napoleon conducted first attempt to establish European Union, but Brittsih paid european monarchs and that dirty liar Alexandr 1 to prevent it

  12. 21:54 Vandamme was surprisingly the same level as a Marshal of the Empire, but his criticism towards Napoleon held him back to General of Division.


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