Napoleon Defeats Russia: Friedland 1807

Napoleon brings his war against Russia and Prussia to an end with victory at Friedland, leading to the famous Tilsit conference, after which Napoleon stood at the peak of his power.

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  1. Here it is – Part 3 of the Epic History TV Napoleonic Wars series – and my longest video yet. I just couldn't leave out the fall of Heligoland. Don't forget you can get exclusive early access to videos, chat, and votes on future topics at You can also follow Epic History TV on FB and Twitter for updates on progress, sneak peeks and random history thoughts. ALSO don't forget to check out HistoryMarche's channel and our sponsor Skillshare!

  2. The french are weird. They have a long history of losing wars especially WW1 and 2. But in the early days they were amazing. Napoleon must of been a great commander to get the french to win anything

  3. History is crazy isn't it. Imagine the carnage of these epic battles?! Imagine being their? Imagine if you had a few 249 saws. You could win any battle back then with a few full autos

  4. Why, instead of describing the next love affair of Napoleon, which has nothing to do with the theme of the battle itself, tell in more detail about the battle or its consequences; for example, the cross of St. George, the most authoritative Russian pre-revolutionary soldier's award, was created precisely after this battle; or, for example, the desperate attack of the Pavlovian Leib-Guards regiment made such a favorable impression on the command and on the emperor that he ordered the guardsmen not only to keep their "caps, shot through and through in battle," but also to hand them over to the service.

  5. You would think that these couriers who had such vital info on them would have some means to destroy their dispatches
    pretty quickly when threatened with capture

  6. 11:06 I just noticed this, but Napoleon is using that poor soldier as both a prop to see the battlefield, and a potential cover from a potential lucky shoot from the battle.

  7. Today is the 215th anniversary of the Battle of Eylau which was fought on the day of February 7th 1807 and ended on February 8th 1807.

  8. John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house."- Acts 16:31.

  9. I watch this and all your other Napoleon videos a good 10 times a day every single day I want to become as badass as Napoleon was leave a mark in history forever

  10. That first part, up to the battle of Eylau… 😍 The vibes are perfect: perfect narrative, voice, music choice, animation… Epic


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