Napoleon in Italy Part 2: Castiglione

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In 1796, at the height of the Revolutionary Wars, Napoleon Bonaparte took command of French forces in northern Italy. He was just 26 years old and had never commanded an army before. Within weeks, he had turned his ragged, demoralised troops into a ferocious fighting force, defeating the Austrians and knocking Piedmont out of the war. With success, Napoleon began to believe it was his destiny to shape the fate of nations. In this series, we follow Napoleon’s first glorious campaign step by step.

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  1. I hope you enjoy the new video – this one sees Napoleon tested as a military commander like never before – arguably, it's only a mistake by Wurmser and the heroics of Augereau and his division that save him! Thank you to all the Patreon supporters who made this series possible. Thanks also to our video sponsor Enlisted – play now using this link to get a special bonus pack that includes soldiers, weapons and more

  2. I know it is a bit late to comment, but here there are some fun facts, (or not so fun depending on who). At the battle of Lonato Quasdanovich recived a messanger from Wurmser stating that he (Wurmser) will cross the Minico next day (the 3rd) thus Quasdanovich spread his forces and advanced, believing who he was going to support a major attack from the east, however Wurmser diverted towards Mantua first. On the French side the battle was not without problems either, General Despinoy who leaded a division of 4000+ refused to attack and retreated, Deallmagne was sick and didn't comand many troops, on the other hand at Castiglione, while Seurieur certainly distracted Wurmser he didn't engage (he was sick also by the ways)

  3. Hey guys/@epichistory, I have a question.
    17:50 shows the 32nd demibrigade at Lonato, but 19:10 shows the 32nd ((demi-)brigade?, division?) with Augerau at Castiglione regard. What did I miss? Did the painter of 19:10 made a mistake?
    Thanks for your input!

  4. This is absolutely unbelievable!! No wonder why he became emperor.. skills, luck and a those under him performed amazingly. Great video, loyal patrion awaiting the next

  5. I hope the thousands of examples of battles, of which this channel can narrate only small fractions, can go on to display french fighting spirit that has spanned a millennia, which is so unjustly unraveled by a costly tactical blunder in 1940.

    I thank Epic History TV for doing their duty as historians and bringing forth, true, unbiased, and educational content.

  6. something that really interests me is what if Napoleon tried to make a single homogeneous state much like the Carolingian Empire before him, would the average peasant/soldier in occupied Italy/Germany/the Low countries accept this or would they oppose it? the sphere of influence after all was essentially the same during certain times of the era.
    Would this have lended more strength to the French and helped them in the outcome of conflicts of the time? or would it have caused more problems with insurrectionists and French nobility/generals angered by the more inclusive identity of other cultures at the cost of their own?

  7. Love the series. Maybe wait 5 full seconds at the end before having a videogame 2nd World war U.S marine firing a 50cal whilst going "woooo!"- kills the mood a bit. I know $$$ rule but, 5 seconds, even 3!

  8. Last year I was in vacation to Italy, and visited Peschiera and lake garda for a few days. The fortress is still there, and the entire scene is breathtaking. One of the most beautiful places I ever seen. I can't recommend it enough to people, spending at least 2-3 days there is a must. Nothing better than swimming in crystal-clear water, and then sipping an Aperol spritz while looking over the scene from the beach.

  9. Honestly I feel bad for those old generals who were beaten by Napoleon. They had accomplished so much in their lives and then their legacy is destroyed in a couple of weeks…

  10. Corsica became French on May 15, 1768, Napoleon was born in Corsica on August 15, 1769… at 14 months, he would probably have been Italian with a very different future ?


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