Napoleon’s First Campaign: Battle for Mantua

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In 1796, at the height of the Revolutionary Wars, Napoleon Bonaparte took command of French forces in northern Italy. He was just 26 years old and had never commanded an army before. Within weeks, he had turned his ragged, demoralised troops into a ferocious fighting force, defeating the Austrians and knocking Piedmont out of the war. With success, Napoleon began to believe it was his destiny to shape the fate of nations. In this series, we follow Napoleon’s first glorious campaign step by step.

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  1. Excellent content once again! Charles Nove's voice must be immortalized for all time.
    Such an epic, dramatic and unique tone. Literally the heart of Epic History TV. No offence to the massive effort of everyone behind the scenes.
    Thank you.

  2. Kingdom of Naples agreement was possible because Napoleon Bonaparte's family was Nobility. Bonapartes are double related to me. His family was Italian nobility, my YDNA line is Italian nobility (Gerardi of Naples/Venice) and my mother's Paternal line is Greek nobility (Petrocochino/ Mavrocordatos families). Bonapartes are related to both including the Visconti/sforza also this is the only way he was able to get a separate treaty with the Kingdom of Naples.

  3. "That autumn… he will face his most skilled opponent yet, Feldzeugmeister József Alvinczi; the first man to beat Napoleon Bonaparte in battle!". What an epic prelude to the next episode 🙏🏻

  4. Please do the life of subutai, an underrated, underknown military genius, who without him Genghis Khan might not even be known at all today. He fought many different types of armies, sieged tens of cities in china, so there's so much there to be told.

  5. It is amazing how the French army keeps losing less than the ones that defend. It is said that in war attacking means defending in a way where you don't let the enemy attack you with the cost of losing many lives.


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