Napoleon’s Great Blunder: Spain 1808

In 1808, Napoleon’s rivalry with Britain led to an ill-fated intervention in Portugal and Spain, that sparked a nationalist revolt against the French. At Bailén Napoleon’s Empire suffered its first major defeat, and though Napoleon himself then arrived in Spain to reassert French military dominance, he could not prevent the escape of Sir John Moore’s small British army, after its defensive victory at Corunna on 16 January 1809. The British army would return, under new leadership, to play a major part in his downfall.

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  1. I hope you enjoy this, the first of three videos covering the war in Spain and Portugal. You can find the others, which cover the further French invasions of Portugal, the guerrilla war and the eventual fight back by British, Spanish and Portuguese forces, in our Napoleonic Wars playlist:
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  2. Don't invade Russia during winter and avoid angry Spaniards at all cost should be the basics if you want to dominate the old continent

  3. En ningun lado estoy encontrando el epitafio que vi en la tumba hace muchos annos. Era algo asi "Aqui descansa el general Moore, mejor descanso no hayara en ningun lugar". Cuando busco encuentro el poema y veo una placa en Ingles.

  4. I am a Pole. Pity that we served Napoleon against Catholic Spain. Pity that our cavlary served masonic idiot evil of napoleon.

  5. Carlos VI didn't abdicate because Napoleon forced him. The family of Carlos VI forced him to abdicate. From that the son of Carlos VI "Fernando VII" became king of Spain (19th of march 1808).
    Napoleon wasn't happy to hear that because he could control Carlos VI to get control of Spain, but not if Fernando VII is on the throne. Fernando VII was against Napoleon and Godoy of what he caused to Spain with the defeat and disaster of Trafalgar.
    This is the cause if the occupation of Spain by France and the rise of King Jose I of Spain (Jose Bonaparte) brother of Napoleon.

  6. The invasion of Spain was totally unnecessary. Spain was an unconditional ally of France at the time that Napoleon invaded Spain. Spanish troops were fighting for France in Portugal and Northern Europe! Spanish soldiers supported the French forces in Denmark and Sweden.
    There was no military or strategic or political reason to invade Spain. Ferdinand VII was absolutely loyal to Napoleon, even asking him to adopt him as his son and to allow him to marry one of his nieces.

  7. This Video is a master piece. I don’t know if people are realising how many different field in history of art and history teachers were involved in this. Truly a masterpiece in terms of education and conveying the main ideas of napoleon invasion

  8. "Never abandon loyal allies regardless of how weak and distastable they comes from strange places"…by me…many fall by pride than by weakness

  9. Have enjoyed these outlines very much, though have spotted a small error in the text when Wellesley and the British land in August 1808 – the text incorrectly says 1805 as the year for Battles of Rolica and Vimeiro – you may wish to amend this!

  10. Dec 2021 the French are still trying this plan, blockading ports and the chunnel lol, how times have changed or not! The British Army was very skilful during the peninsula war

  11. Shithole country ruled by Austrians most of their colonial era and then French. They got destroyed by Napoleon and then finished by the USA

  12. Man i really like spanish army Napoleonic war uniform

    Their uniform color like
    White and Red ,blue , purple, green, and more with bicorne hat

  13. Well made video. But we spanish are not that ugly looking. And that is said by most european women that chase us when they come here. Take that..

  14. "Η τρίτη του Μάη" είναι ένας από τους πέντε πιο αγαπημένους μου πίνακες. Βλέποντάς τον καταλαβαίνει κανείς τι πήγε στραβά στην εκστρατεία του Ναπολέοντα στην Ισπανία

  15. The Napoleonic wars were really the Jesuits of Rome waging war against the Aristocracy of Europe whom had banished them and the Vatican itself which had also banished them. After agreement was reached behind the scenes, Napoleon was instructed to destroy the French Grand Armee, at Moscow first, and then Waterloo in 1813. The Jesuits were reinstated in 1814 and have controlled the Vatican and the Aristocracy of Europe ever since. Napoleon was a Jesuit agent from Corsica, a Jesuit stronghold.


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