Napoleon’s Marshals: Bernadotte, Augereau, Lefebvre, Mortier, Marmont.

In 1804 Napoleon created 18 ‘Marshals of the Empire’, to serve as the senior officers of the Grande Armée. He created a further 8 before his abdication. A few were aristocrats, but others were the sons of shopkeepers or tailors. The most favoured became princes and kings. Among their ranks were legendary figures such as Marshals Lannes, Soult, Davout and Massena, but also much less well know figures like Pérignon, Brune and Moncey. Our series will explore the lives of all 26 Marshals, and rank them according to our own judgement of their achievements as Marshals.

Thank you to our series historical consultant Lt.Col.Rémy Porte, whose blog on military history (in French) you can read here:

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📚 Recommended reading (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases):
📖 Napoleon’s Marshals (ed.David Chandler)
📖 Leipzig 1813: The Battle of the Nations
📖 Austerlitz 1805: The Fate of Empires
📖 Napoleon’s Guard Infantry Vol.1
📖 The Napoleonic Wars by Todd Fisher
📖 Napoleon’s Wars by Charles Esdaile
📖 Napoleon the Great by Andrew Roberts

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1.29 Lanier; 3.07 Dinlas; 4.59 Thunder; 7.26 Viking; 9.27 Phoenix; 10.51 Dunkirk; 12.11 Nanshan; 14.27 Skynet; 17.11 Parbat; 18.13 Dinlas; 19.13 Bronze; 20.18 Dunkirk; 20.53 Kilimanjaro; 21.56 Tiger; 23.13 Nanshan; 24.26 Poseidon; 25.55 Bronze; 26.57 Warrior; 28.20 Steel; 30.00 Dunkirk

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  1. I hope you enjoy the latest episode of our Napoleon's Marshals series! It's turning into another big one. Although we're still low down in the rankings, this video covers some of the biggest and most controversial names of the Napoleonic Wars, so there was plenty to cover. Don't forget you can check out our official Displate collection here:
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  2. Idk but I think im trippin It seems to be I can't see davout at his videos any timestamp orandom people in the internet?

  3. I never see bernadote as traitor as french did
    When he was a marshal he should true to words to the emperor
    But as a king he said if i will be the king of sweden i will pursue the my people intrest more than an ex marshal so i had two choices i take king as a choice

  4. a show about these marshals would have been great!
    two people that i liked to be covered are marmont, and ney

    if you look at this marmont have been with napoleon since toulon and most of his campaigns and it makes sense for him to betray napoleon because he may thought that the friend he knew from before was not the same

    ney is second as all of the events that happened are very important and you know hes brave and courageous

  5. Many people said Bernadotte was a traitor for switching allegiance after he became crown prince of Sweden, but did Napoleon actually lose a lot from that switch, if he was never really in good terms with him to begin with? To me, Bernadotte was more of a thorn on Napoleon's side (so in a way it's good that he switched allegiance (ridding himself as a thorny presence from Naps' side))

    Marmont however… Now that's a bona fide traitor 💀🔥🔥

    (Granted I am a tad biased against Marmont, since he voted in favor of executing Ney 😒, but turns out his other acts weren't exactly flattering to him either…)


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