Napoleon’s Marshals: Berthier, Lannes, Davout.

In 1804 Napoleon created 18 ‘Marshals of the Empire’, to serve as the senior officers of the Grande Armée. He created a further 8 before his abdication. A few were aristocrats, but others were the sons of shopkeepers or tailors. The most favoured became princes and kings. Among their ranks were legendary figures such as Marshals Lannes, Ney, Soult, Davout and Massena, but also much less well know figures like Pérignon, Brune and Moncey. Our series will explore the lives of all 26 Marshals, and rank them according to our own judgement of their achievements as Marshals.

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📚 Recommended reading (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases):
📖 Napoleon’s Marshals (ed.David Chandler)
📖 Leipzig 1813: The Battle of the Nations
📖 Austerlitz 1805: The Fate of Empires
📖 Napoleon’s Guard Infantry Vol.1
📖 The Napoleonic Wars by Todd Fisher
📖 Napoleon’s Wars by Charles Esdaile
📖 Napoleon the Great by Andrew Roberts

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  1. There was a person that Napoleon met at some point during the wars and in that person family there was a rumour there were descendants from a Romam empire emperor i have no ide who that general was but if anyone know the name of him please tell me

    i saw a youtube video that mentioned it but i have no ide with video it was anymore

  2. Anything about Napoleon is a waste of YouTube electricity. He was a murderous war criminal and left a legacy of a French nation from where not even a decent car ever came out. No, the A380 is all-German design where the British probably designed the seat upholstery and the French the breakfast croissants (I am making this up, but the bottom line is their contribution to the welfare of nations is negligible),

  3. I know this video is pretty old, and its sad to see that marshal Lannes first wife gave birth to another mans child. But at the same time i am kinda curious, during those times how would a person be able to tell if a child was theirs? was DNA testing a thing at the time? if anyone knows the answer please feel free to respond.

  4. Just want to share my thought about the marshal zodiac sign. I don’t know if some of you believe in astrology or not. But emperor Napoleon was Leo ♌️ . The king sign… and many of this trusted marshal and companion in arm is Aries♈️ . Which is highly compatible with Leo. For example : Marshal lannes
    Marshal Murat
    Marshal Soult. ( my favorite )

  5. I never particularly liked Berthier. He was an ass with no military prowess. He was a good administrator of the military. But not a good commander.

  6. America could learn a thing or two about recognizing and promoting the most competent military leaders. We might have done better in recent adventures in the Middle East and evacuation from Afghanistan. If you tolerate incompetents and political hacks you get the results we have just witnessed.

  7. I really hope you cover some more topic. I know these videos are hard to make. Maybe Space shuttle and WW2 could be interesting topics. These get good attention and stay true to the channels name and goals.

  8. Atacó al segundo Ejercito de BRAGRATION en Saltanovka pero no pudo evitar su escape. Tres semanas más tarde, sus tropas estaban medio de la lucha en Smolensk

  9. Cerca de Vyazma se abrió una brecha y el general ruso Miloradovich se abalanzó : el primer cuerpo fue derrotado

  10. La primera siguiente el ejército de napoleon marchó sobre los alpes Hacia Italia. La vanguardia de lannes abrió el camino en Montebello se encontró con una fuerza Austriaca que le superaba en número dos a uno

  11. When I heard of general Leclerc I was extatique, my ancestry follows the name of Leclerc, which means I’m related to most of the people with the last name. Then that made me realize Leclerc was a distant cousin, so I am very distantly.. related to the Bonaparte family.

  12. There is one thing I think deserves a particular praise, the narrator makes very successful efforts to pronounce the french names with great accuracy. It's very pleasant to hear someone genuinely trying to pronounce everything the way it should be. Thank you.

  13. Lannes fue luego trasladado a Italia como parte de la división del general Augereau, donde su liderazgo, en Dego del propio general Bonaparte

  14. La primera siguiente el ejército de napoleon marchó sobre los alpes Hacia Italia la vanguardia de lannes abrió el camino en Montebello se encontró con una fuerza Austriaca que la superaba en número dos a uno

  15. Sólo cinco días después su División jugó un papel clave en el gran victoria de napoleon sobre los austriacos en Marengo

  16. Davout was probably the best between all the Marshalls of French Army,but he was not used properly


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