Native American Images That are Hidden – Rare & Vintage Photos

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Comment (25)

  1. I pray and hope that ALL of you; STAY, in this cursed land when the real curses, and PLAGUES, begin to pour out; none of you dear run to AFRICA; because I'LL personally see to it that you ALL are stoned !!!!!!

  2. People just because you see original photos of blacks that are Native Americans don't mean that we are all Native Americans there are black people that are indigenous to all lands different types of black peoples all across the world that are native to all lands

  3. You guys are that bored talking about you being the true Indigenous to the land… what the fuck are you guys on?! You came from West AFRICA and Dane Calloway is an Agent asking for money! Be proud of who you are, don't steal others to have a purpose in life. If you guys were really the ones, how come we live here and you don't? We're you guys that weak that you lost to everyone? Blacks are not Indigenous to the Americas, all you guys do is pollute it with McDonald's and KFC food wraps and Air Jordan's with fake gold mumbling rap. You are NO WAY the only people to have suffered! American Genocide is way worst than a few punk ass slave ships.
    Get off your asses and save this earth if you really Indigenous to it!!!

  4. We are a mixer of various black groups. It may be hard or nearly impossible to trace our true lineage. The word Indian is just that, a word they used to describe who we are. But we are something far greater. Than any other race we have been persecuted, still to this day. Only the Creator can show us the way

  5. And by the way people my grandmother told me that my her people are cherokee and my grandfather from the black foot.

  6. Excellent video. This is truely amazing. If Native Americans did not have African ancestors, where did their brown complection come from? To add, Africa was initially Asia to begin with. Now, with that being said, who can say that Asians did not mix with Africans? Also, in both continents it was and still is considered a curse if a person cannot have children. With that being said, who can prove that Native Americans did not have African ancestors if Africa and Asia were one at one point in time? Who can prove that some Asians did not look like Black people? Also, my grandmother was complected like the person on your cover picture before the video starts.

  7. I will stick to the Africa boat vibes more resources in Africa those people in this vid is dark skin Mongolian not us sorry u been fooled

  8. Black man and woman….we are a worldwide people. We have always been on turtle island. Our brothers from Africa and world wide have felt the sting of the lash with us and our day of justice is soon. We are Gods people

  9. I'm confused all my life I have been told I am native American but the more I research the more I learn that the aborigines were the true native. Why can't I find my life…… ancestor…….I dont k were I fit in in this place that we call earth. I'm lost. Confused. And dont feel like I belong anywhere and everytime I watch these videos I k its truth I see the evidence. And no one can answer me all they say is I come from white man the people I despise. The people I dont deal w. I'm not like them. I'm different yet still dont have a place in this world.

  10. Hamites that may have mixed with Polynesian islanders.
    Just remember that if a hot sun exists and sunscreen doesn't. You'll probably find dark skin

  11. American Aborigines aka African-Americans are Hebrew Israelites. They ( House of Israel) came over to the Americas after the Assyrian captivity. It's in 2 Esdras 13

  12. Not just Africa this whole world belonged to us our birth right was all striped away. Then they started the genocide, mixing, exile, and killing.

  13. TRIBE OF GAD-Native American Indians
    Genesis 49:19
    King James Version
    19 Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the last.

  14. America was inhabited by MILLIONS of Indigenous PEOPLE who live peacefully off of the land. It makes me so sad to look at these photos, and to imagine what they went through.

  15. Talk about lying and choosing music to take away the beauty of these pictures. You should be ashamed of yourself. Don't think your baiting has gone unnoticed.
    These images are all over the Internet and gave been made into color too.


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